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Pathology in

Jeff148's picture
Posts: 184
Joined: Apr 2014

No disease no cancer. The two spots were scar tissue!!! Words can't express my appreciation for you guys praying hugging and thinking good thoughts for me. We are family!! 

Lifeisbeautiful's picture
Posts: 50
Joined: Jul 2014

No more chemo and finally time to go back your normal life. I couldn't be happier for you! And yes, you're right, we are family here because we all have the same thing in common besides the cancer, we want to live!!!!!!


Congratulations Jeff! :)



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Joined: Aug 2011
givingrace's picture
Posts: 161
Joined: Nov 2012

That's sooooooo awesome !!!

I am very happy for you.



givingrace's picture
Posts: 161
Joined: Nov 2012

I was so stuck in my head I never saw your post till this morning.  Thankyou for your strength and courage.  This journey is so difficult at times but no matter what we can share and celebrate the victories just as much as all the rest of the stuff that comes along.  Thankyou for sharing and showing HOPE. 

God Bless


Posts: 346
Joined: Aug 2011

extremely happy for you... can't get better than this ... being scared and hearing back "scar tissue" congratulations...

Max Former Hodg...
Posts: 3705
Joined: May 2012

Jeff, you have stated many times that you are a person of prayer, and this is obviously a great blessing.

May you have 30 years without a medical fright again !

illead's picture
Posts: 875
Joined: Aug 2012

We are very happy for you, now you can get on with your life.  Cancer changes our lives, hopefully some of those changes make us a better person.  You have been a great support to all of us too Jeff and a great addition to our family.  Our thoughts are with you and your family.


Bill & Becky

PS     I think I hear some fish calling

anliperez915's picture
Posts: 772
Joined: Sep 2011

Awesome news Jeff!! What a relief to hear that it was only scar tissue, may you stay in remission forever! :D

wishing you only the best in life! Take care (((Hugs)))



amanda_christy's picture
Posts: 60
Joined: Aug 2014

I screamed with excitement when i read ur post!!!! Silent scream! WOW!!!! u were so sure it was cancer which makes this good/great/fantastic new so much better!!!!

Yaaaaaay! U've so made my day Jeff!

Wow! :-)

Jeff148's picture
Posts: 184
Joined: Apr 2014

I'm still screaming (silently)!!!

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