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Linitis plastica cancer with metastasis in bones

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First of all I am wishing to all the members here to get well and to be free of cancer.

Two months ago my husband (age 50) was diagnosticated with linitis plastica with metastasis in the bones.  He had an history of Helicobacter pylori that he didn't treat it one and a half year ago.

He started chemoterapy EOX ( epirubicin, oxalaplatin, Xeloda) every 3 weeks and biophosphonates for the bones (XGeva or Denusomab). I have some questions: the cancer is because he didn't treat the helicobacter, the chemotherapy is effective to this kind of cancer, what is the survivial rate for this cancer, an operation will help in this kind of cancer?

We are living in Israel but I am ready to hear about other kinds of treatments abroad.

Thanks a lot


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Please answer me. I am in a really grief .

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I am very sorry about your husband's diagnosis. I have no personal knowledge about gastric cancer and never heard of linitis plastica until I saw your post. I hope that someone more competent responds to you soon.

I am going to post some links below. Don't read them if you're easily upset by statistics / prognosis. Each person reacts to treatment differently and there is no expiration date on anyone.

From my own experience (I have a different type of cancer) it is always helpful to get a second or third opinion from a reputable oncologist in Israel or abroad.

Helicobacter pylori is a cause of gastric (stomach) cancer. http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Risk/h-pylori-cancer

However H. pylori does not cause Linitis plastica, also known as Brinton's disease or leather bottle stomach, a morphological variant of diffuse (or infiltrating) stomach cancer.

Causes of linitis plastica could be lye ingestion or metastatic infiltration of the stomach, particularly breast and lung carcinoma. The risk factors are undefined, except for rare inherited mutations in E-cadherin, which are found in about 50% of diffuse-type gastric carcinomas. Maybe you should talk to a genetisist about getting your husband tested for E-cadherin germline mutations (CDH1 mutations) and if he is positive - get your children tested too. http://cancer.stanford.edu/patient_care/services/geneticCounseling/HDGC.html

You could find facts about gastric cancer here http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/types/stomach and here http://www.esmo.org/Guidelines-Practice/Clinical-Practice-Guidelines/Gastrointestinal-Cancers/Gastric-Cancer including causes, treatment options, clinical trials, survival statistics.

Here are some articles on Linitis plastica (diffuse-type gastic cancer).








Follow this link for clinical trials in Israel http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/results/map/click?term=gastric+cancer&recr=Open&no_unk=Y&map=ME&map.x=131&map.y=136

Read survivor stories here http://www.stomachcancersurvivorsguide.org/


My best wishes to you and your husband.

Happy Holidays!

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My family and I all tested positive for the E-Cadherin gene mutation.  This mutation causes gastric cancer of the linitis plastica type (of which our mother, maternal aunt and maternal first cousin passed away from). As such, we all had our stomachs removed profilactically.  However, upon removal of our stomachs, they found cancer in all of us.  So, the "cure" for lininitis plastica is total gastrectomy.  The E-Cadherin gene mutation also puts one at risk of developing breast cancer (yep that would be me). You may want to check out www.mayoclinic.org and search their website for more information on your husband's condition and consider being tested for the E-Cadherin gene mutation. You may actually want to get a second opinion from them, as well.  Sorry for your troubles.  My thoughts are with you through this difficult journey.

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Many thanks !


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FeliciaV, you may find some help at DebbiesDream.org. This organziation has a wealth of information on stomach cancer and has a mentor program wherein they will put you in touch with patient advocates that have  experienced Lintis plastica cancer. Good luck 

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