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4 Years

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Joined: Feb 2010

Today it is 4 years I was told I had cancer. Kenedy's assination seems like yesterday, being told I had cancer feels like hours ago. I can still remember sitting in the doctor's parking lot thinking how am I going to tell my wife and kids. With Thanksgiving a few days away will I see the next? Four years later I sit here living proof that it can be done. For all who are confronted with fighting cancer the reward for your efforts is tomorrow. Tomorrow is a fabulous thing that can never be replaced because each day is different. It may not seem different in the midst of your fight, each day seems to drag on with the same battle cry but trust me there is a rainbow at the end. I wake up every day as you will someday thinking wow, it was all worth it.

Fight on.............heal on............live on


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So am I invited..., we can give thanks together....

Congrats bro...., coming up on five years for me...


Duggie88's picture
Posts: 721
Joined: Feb 2010

You bet your invited. I make some excellent potatoe filling the Pennsylvania Dutch way. Thanksgiving is my favvorite holiday. Family, beer, football, great food, and ya don't have to go broke buying presents. Your presence and of coarse Shelley's would be a gift my friend.


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jeff, congrats on 4 years!  that is fantastic!  I get so happy when I read that people have survived for YEARS.  i can hardly wait to see 2 years (Feb. 2014), I can't imagine 4.  I get excited just thinking about it.  John, 5 years is GREAT too.  you guys remind the rest of us that we are survivors!!!!! I hope u both have a very Happy Thanksgiving.  I definitely plan to.

God bless you.


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Congrats!!!!!  It was 2 yrs in July that I was diagnosed, 2 yrs 12-31 that I am 2 yrs out of treatment ..


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Ruben and Jude
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Joined: Apr 2013

Congratulations on your 4 year mark.

When Ruben was first diagnosed he met two men and a woman who all had this diagnosis over 20 years ago. That was such a big relief to hear.

So I expect many more years for us all.

Take care, God Bless. Happy Thanksgiving.... we have so much to be grateful for.

(Ruben and) Jude

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So, did you ever tell your wife?

I might catch a ride with john to try out some of that Dutch potato thingy.  I mean how often can I get you to wait on me, plus I am a good guest, house broken and everything.

I do certainly subscribe to your being thankful for more tomorrows.  Who knew the amount of emotions having (had) cancer would stir-up. 

Congratulations on clearing the 4-year hurdle.


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Joined: Feb 2010

Thanks Matt............and yes come on over I will make plenty of it. That house broken thing, even if you weren't we have plenty of newspapers to put under your chair in the event of an accident. We could finally do that ice cream thing.

Dinner is at 5 I will tell the grandkids instead of turkey we're having buzzard that way there will be plenty of left overs.


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Congrats! You are out of the woods now so breath easy and know you are free and clear.  Time to pause and reflect on what we have this time of year. One positive of surviving cancer is we all have a deeper understanding and love of life than the taking for granted we had in our previous lives. Don

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Joined: Oct 2013

Jeff, that is great news, WOW, and thanks for giving strength to us that are just starting out on this road!


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Joined: May 2013

I'm approaching the one year mark of when the tumor was first found.  It was a week before Christmas.  It makes this time of year even more special, doesn't it?  A HUGE congrats to you, a HUGE thank you for always being so encouraging and now go celebrate to health and happiness! 

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Joined: Sep 2013

And so inspiring!

As mentioned earler...Thanksgiving really does take on a brand new meaning after having gone through the 'C' word! I've always been thankful for my husband and family, but never in my life did I know just HOW thankful I could be in celebration of having my husband and daughter by my side for this upcoming Thanksgiving, and a forum full of wonderful, caring people who helped us make it through some of our darkest days ever!

Love and continued health and healing to all!


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Joined: Feb 2013

Congrats on your four year mark,Gives me something to look forward to as I am only almost 7 mos.post,And I remember that day too Like you I was in the parking lot too wondering what to tell family and freinds.Any ways A BIG CONGRATULATION looking forward to the next year to make it 5 for ya.

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Woo Hoo  !!! congrats.....thanks for posting   Ann

josh r.
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Joined: Oct 2010

Hi five to one and all! On November 22nd I was blessed to celebrate my 22nd year of NED! For a very obvious reason it is an easy date to remember beyond it being the anniversary of my good forture. I pray that all of us continue to have good health. josh r.

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Joined: Jan 2010

22 years!  that's reason for a big celebration!!  congrats josn and heres to many many more!!

God bless yo,


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