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wow what a wild and scary ride on the cancer coaster

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Hello my cyber family.i am home now still very weak but at least im home.first let me thank my mother(wolfen) for letting you all know and keeping you updated on my current episode.i started having diareah and the next day it looked a little pink but deep down i told my self no this cant be happening.then the pain in my abnomin became worse and asked my dear husband to take a look(arent spouses wonderful to look at our diareah)and he said that it was blood.so off to the local er we went.thats when the ride began.they wanted to send me to where i get my treatments at and where my onc and surgen are which is 100miles away.got to have my first ambulance ride which wasnt all that because i was in so much pain.by now there was no stool only bright red blood.when it was all over there still was no dission as to what was wrong they finally called my surgen in and i have so much trust in him just seeing his face brightened my spirits.he said he truly thoght it was all due to the irrinatecan and would like to do a colonoscopy in a couple of weeks.i want to thank you all for your prayers and your concerns.my son even joined and said you all are a very special group of people.hope everyone is doing as well as can be sure did miss you all ...theres no place like home....Godbless.....johnnybegood

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What a wild ride for you and your family. I hope things take an upswing for you soon! Let us know how you're doing! Laughing


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JBG - so great to hear from you!   Glad you are home and recouperating.  Yes your mom was great about keeping us updated and it was nice to "meet" your son.  

Continue to get better and stronger.  Continued prayers and positive thoughts for you and your family.

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Glad to see you are feeling better!

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I am from the anal cancer board but read the colon cancer posts.  I follow posters journeys, and I am so glad that your home and you will be well taken care of by your drs.  I know that had to be scary.  I wish you well. Lori

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So glad to see that you are feeling well enough to post. I know how awful this was for you.

How dumb am I? My brain has been so muddled that until I read your post, it didn't even hit me who "Vesix" is, but at least I welcomed him.  LOL  Remember when Michelle called me a "ditzy blond" all those years ago? It's true for sure now. Talk to you soon.



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so any confusion was understandable!

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so any confusion was understandable!

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he told me he joined and posted i just didnt think to tell you but he said he was in tears about how people cared for one another on here i told him it is a great place to come and yes the people are very caring.its ok we all have are blonde moments....Godbless....johnnybegood

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So glad you are finally home and feeling better!!  That stuff is harsh .. I was warned and my doctors kept me on a partial dose from the get go because of its effects.  With an already compromised system, it was the best thing they could have done for me.  I am still having difficulty with heartburn well after tx ended.  

My best to you and your family!

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double post 


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I am so glad you are home and stable. I think your surgeon is right about the Irinotecan. I had an episode of uncontrolable diarhea last year. No blood but so bad evan liquids would go right through and I ended up in th er.

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So very glad that you have improved enough to get back home.

Your mom (Wolfen) did a great job of keeping us updated, but there is nothing like hearing from you directly.

May every day find you better and stronger.


Marie who loves kitties

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That was a very scary time.  We were all very worried about you.  So glad you're now home and can rest up and regain your strength.

Big hugs~AA

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That was very scary to read about all of that.  I'm glad you are better....


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So very happy to hear that you are home. I would wait every day to catch an update from your mum.

I pray you will not have any of that nasty stuff happen again.

I too live miles from anywhere, 320 mile round trip for my chemo. I know how frightening it can be when you want to be close to your team.

Big hugs!

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Well hey - looks who's up and posting!!  :D   Good to see you that you're feeling well enough to send us an update - we all were quite worried about you!  Just take it easy and rest up now, you deserve a break.  :)\

Take care, (((Hugs)))


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Good to see you back and posting!!!

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JBG, you are one tough cookie!  Hang in there and take it easy...


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Sorry you had such a rough time.  Glad you are home and on the mend.

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You had a scary ride.I'm glad you are home now,but you still have to get your strengh back.I hope they find out what was wrong.Good luck.

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Hope you continue to improve.  that irinotecan is a *****.  The first time I took it, I had awful diarhea for almost 2 weeks after the 4th infusion.  Never went to the ER but I should have.  I'd get dizzy and walk into walls.  I'm on it again, only half strength, and the heartburn is incredible.  Just 2 infusions and it's unrelenting.  Even the 800 cimetidine doesn't help.

Anyway, I'm glad you're recovering and it's nothing more than a bad reaction.  Traci


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So good to read your post.  You gave us all quite a scare.  I'll bet ymug feel much better now that your home.  I'm sure you will get stronger with each passing day.



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Hugs Tina

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We are glad that you are home!   One can heal faster in their own home, because they can relax.  I never really relax in the hospital.


We are still sending our thoughts and prayers for fast healing.


Best Always,  mike

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That has to be such a great word and I'm hoping that you will feel better being there.  You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Glad you are feeling better.  Hope that it continues and thank you for the update even though you have been so ill.  You are such a daughter of your mother and can see the strength you get from her by both your posts.

Hugs!  Kim

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So glad you are home!  You were held in the light by so many of us.  Your mom has been great keeping us updated.  I hope and pray you feel better and better each day!



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I'm so glad to know you are home!




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Nana b
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Still thinking about you!  Hope all is cleared up soon!  

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Hi JBG.  We haven't officially met, but I've been reading lots about you and am glad you're back home and the doc thinks he has a handle on what's going on with you.  You are in my thoughts and prayers, and I wish you a very speedy recovery.

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I'm chiming in late here, have not been on this site for a while and have missed so much.     You've been through a real scare, hope you are feeling better.   Have they stopped the irinotecan for now??     

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So glad you are home,  what a scare seeing all that blood.

hugs and prayers is all I can offer

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I hope this post finds your strength increasing by bounds and leaps.  I think about you and your mom daily.

here's to better health to you dear girl!

Winter Marie

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jbg....I am so happy you came through that one.....gosh girl what a drag!!! hope you are home and feelin better.....sorry to be so late....mags

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