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Update on Jason

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Hey all! I haven't been on here in a while, still having shoulder issues but I wanted to update you on Jason. He just finished his 10th chemo treatment & is due to get a CT Scan on the 19th to see if the chemo is doing what it's suppose to be doing in getting rid of the liver tumors & of course still working on the colon too. His bloodwork has improved every week as he goes along, so that's good. I'll let you all know what the CT Scan shows. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. ((((HUGS)))) Kris

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Here's hoping the scan shows good things.

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I was thinking of you and Jason last night, nd wondring if a personal message would get through to you.

I am happy to hear tht Jason is doing well, and will be thinking of him when he has his CT scan. 


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Thanks for the update everyday when I read the posts I wonder how he is doing.  George was NED when summer started but CEA going up again.  Probably be on some new poison soon we will see on blood test results tomorrow.

This cancer is horrible

Hugs from George & Dyan

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Sounds like he is getting through this good.  Hoping that the scan comes out with great news.


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Hey Kris,

Good to hear from you, I was getting a bit concerned since we haven't heard from you in a while. Best of luck with the CT scan, fingers and toes crossed for good results.  :)



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to hear good news. praying for a good ct scan.



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Thanks for all the well wishes! He gets the scan Monday, so please keep him in your prayers! (((HUGS))) to all! Kris

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Fingers crossed!!!


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Sounds like he is doing very well, all best wishes sent for a good scan Laughing

Winter Marie

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Keep getting stronger Jason!   We will be praying for your great results!


Best Always,  mike

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