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One treatment left

Coloncancerblows's picture
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Joined: Feb 2013

Hi everyone!  Haven't posted in a while.  Had my 11th treatment on the 3rd and it was my worse one yet!  Threw up all day Wednesday and basically was in bed until Sunday.  But this is starting my good week so things are looking up.  Get my last treatment on the 17th and then my PET scan on the 27th.  God willing, everything is good and I'll be NED.



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I hope you are NED when tested. Be sure to let us know!

wawaju04976's picture
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Good luck, Cynthia!!!

Hugs, Judy

lp1964's picture
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You have know idea how much we wish you success. We keep you in our hearts and root for you all the way.


Momof2plusteentwins's picture
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Almost done, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm sure your scan will be good. Good luck with your last treatment and hopefully you won't be as sick. Let us know your good scan results.
Sandy :)

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Nd strenghWishing you a clean scan!
It will feel so good to be done with treatment

Each day you will feel better but it stinks when chemo
makes us so sick.

I may be facing Avastin treatments and hoping I can tolerate and keep working.

Take care and wishing you all clear and strength - Barb

steveandnat's picture
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Praying your results are the best NED! Jeff

Posts: 199
Joined: Nov 2012

I'm so glad you are almost done!  When I had my last one, all the nurses at the treatment center came in with a cupcake and sang "Happy Last Chemo to You!".  I cried like a little baby.  It was just emotional and I was so happy it was over!!  Good luck!!

I have been NED for about 10 months now and feel so much better.  I'm happy for you.



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Great news Cynthia!  My husband had his last treatment (12 of 12) yesterday.  He had also said since his 11th treatment he'd been feeling the worst - no vomiting, but lots of burping and fatigue.  Our onc. was on vacation and they were short nurses, so it was nothing special.  The followup plan that they kept telling us they'd review on his last treatment was never done.  Going back in 6 weeks for the followup we'd been asking about for months.  Different answers about flushing the port also a little irritating.  The home health care people who just plug his pump up are not so good, but hopefully we won't have to deal with them too much in the future. 

I hope you feel better soon and celebrate your last treatment!!


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Just wanted to let you know that my CEA continued to escalate from the first treatment to the last.  It never got lower.  As a matter of fact, after my last treatment my CEA levels were at their highest.  The doctor was disappointed, as was I, of course.  He told me he was going to let my body rest before he checked it again.  I finished in September and he checked me in November.  By then, my CEA had fallen well within the normal range.  Every blood test since then has reflected normal blood levels.  Just wanted you to know so you don't panic if your CEA levels are high when you complete your treatments.  You may have a case like mine and they drop soon after the last treatment.

Just sayin...


Coloncancerblows's picture
Posts: 296
Joined: Feb 2013

Thank you everyone for the well wishes!  Had my labs yesterday and my ANC count was .8.  Normally if it's under 1.0 I have to get those Neprogen (sp) shots but they let it slide.  I'm just hoping my counts are good enough next Wednesday for my last chemo session.

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Good luck with everything. Can't wait for the last treatment for me! Four more left.

Easyflip's picture
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I've just finished number 3 so you are my inspiration for pushing through! We just got to keep on going and not look back but forward to better times. Here's to Ned!

Annabelle41415's picture
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Sorry that your last treatment was so bad for you but wishing that the test shows you clean.  Good luck and hoping that everything is better next time.


Cathleen Mary
Posts: 827
Joined: May 2011

So sorry you have had such a rough time of it.  Hang in!  The end is in sight. Prayers that all goes well  and NED will be your friend.

Cathleen Mary

annalexandria's picture
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Joined: Oct 2011

and hoping for great results!  You must be so relieved to be almost done with this.  We'll be waiting anxiously, so keep us posted!  Hugs~AA

Posts: 509
Joined: Sep 2012

Good Luck to you Cynthia!


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