Good News!!!!

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Some of you know that a month ago I learned that my colon cancer with mets to the liver, had spread to the left hip and left pelvic area.

there has been pain in my RIGHT femur and RIGHT hip.

I had the "Oh Sh#t" feeling for a week.

they did x-rays today, and also had me do some flexibiltiy tests...

X-rays came back negative!  

NO cancer in the right hip.


Radiation continues to the right hip.... only 3 more treatments to go!

PET scan on May 28th.

Fingers crossed





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    Great news! My fingers are
    Great news! My fingers are crossed too. Good luck.
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    Fingers are crossed in Chicago.....

    great news......hoping for the best results for your pet scan!

    i have a ct scan on the we can both wait for our results! ~ Ann

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    AnnLouise said:

    Fingers are crossed in Chicago.....

    great news......hoping for the best results for your pet scan!

    i have a ct scan on the we can both wait for our results! ~ Ann

    Great to hear that!

    You added some positivity to all of us! So Happy to hear that !!!

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    Rads are doing their job!  Great to hear.  Hugs~AA

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    There's that roller coaster

    Great news about the x rays pray the pet scan is great.  No or little pain is greatly appreciated.  Jeff

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    the other way...

    You know Joe, since my wife started heavy supplements like high dose vitamins D3 + K2 (menaquinone-4) + C + magnesium, these kind of things have quit bothering her after decades of arthritis pain.  Even after three straight years of her daily chemo, an oral 5FU-LV.

    I haven't had her CT scans quantitaively checked to see whether her bones are regaining mass, but calcium in her blood has to be going somewhere (either bones or out), and she never suffers tooth disintegration like so many chemo patients taking much less cumulative doses of chemo.

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    Sending you positive

    Sending you positive thoughts!!!


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    Hugs, Kathi

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    That is great news Joe. You

    That is great news Joe. You deserve some good news. I hope things keep moving in a positive direction for you.

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    Great news

    Good luck with the petscan.  I'm sending good vibes your way.

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    Good Luck Joe!

    I know a thing or two about radiation...having it done it on two areas of the body...55x total.

    First time was in both hips / up the small of the back / and up the tailpipe....25x each area.

    Radiation damage is a little bit different than arthritis...

    What I got behind Door #2 was a case of Avascular Necrosis in both hips. ...What that is is lack of blood flow to the joint, which results in joint death over time....a lack of sufficient blood to replenish the joint is what the end result is from the damage encurred.

    What are the leading causes for this condition you say?

    Not surprisingly, Radiation is one of the major culprits.....followed closely by chemotherapy...

    This is a serious condition if it finds you...powders and potions do not alleviate the pain for avascular necrosis....neither do analgesics or pain's permanent...a gift that has kept on giving for almost 9-years now.

    And Joe, I would add that the effects now are worse...and I'm almost 9-years out....when I was in treatment, it was steadily deteriorating....when I got out of treatment, I saw in one of my last scans where it had returned to 'stable.'

    The problem is even without treatment anymore (if), chances are the joint will continue to weaken as I age (if I continue to make it) and the only cure is a hip replacement.  This has been cited in various medical journals. 

    Climbing into a pair of pants....trying to put a pair of socks on....tying your shoes...or even getting up off the toilet can feel like Olympic events...the pain hurts so bad.  If I have to get down on the floor.....comical if it weren't so serious.

    There are times when you barely move wrong and I feel the weight give way and I just about makes me realize how I could never support my body only a fraction of pressure is exerted and it will give way. 

    I'm sure I will have to deal with it at some point in my life...

    The point I'm trying to make is that what we do today - we often have to pay for - the rest of our some cases.

    And still, there is little choice in the matter.

    I wanted to wish you the best of luck.....but wanted to keep it real with you.

    I remain hopeful for you....but wanted you to be aware of any of the possibilities by giving you the benefit of my experience with it - should any of those conditions ever befall you in the future.  You might remember this conversation. 

    Take care and best of luck! 

    I'm glad for you that cancer is not present in those areas.  Real glad. And I hope you get the liver cleared up too...the world needs a guy like you.


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    Great News Joe

    Great news about that one hip and I hope that your treatment blasts those other hip buggers away!



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    Good to Hear

    Glad to hear this Joe!

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    Great news.  Dwell on the

    Great news.  Dwell on the positive.

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    good news!

    wow what a scare! so glad it was not cancer. goodluck with the rest of your tx



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    Double Happy

    Great News!

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    That's great news!

    That's great news!

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    Sounds like good news.  Thank you for the update.  Hoping the rest of treatments go well.


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    Great News


    That is great news.  Thank you for sharing this positively great and uplifting event in your life.