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Ed Brabant
Posts: 61
Joined: Apr 2013

I have benn on Votrient for almost a month. So far other than a bit of nausea and diearea everything is OK but one thing. Nothing tastes right. Can't taste salt. Does this go away?

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Ed, welcome here but could you maybe post on the existing Votrient side-effects thread, rather than start a whole new thread on the same subject?

Taste changes are fairly unpredictable and yes, it may go away again (and maybe quite soon).  Have a look at the main thread (one of our biggest).  Neil ('Nano Second') has some useful tips on how to minimise problems of change of taste.

Ed Brabant
Posts: 61
Joined: Apr 2013

Where would I find a thread on Votrient. I looked but can't find a link.

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It's right here:



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