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any other stage 4 stomach cancer people out there doing ok?

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My mom was diagnosed w/ stage 4 stomach cancer and she has been doing well. She actually does not have any debilitating pain and knock on wood, no major symptoms, aside from when she's on chemo.

Anyone else out there?

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Hi All,

In the month of October we came to know that my mother is suffering from Stomach cancer 4th Stage and it was spreading in chest , had bowl obstruction also. Due to this bowl obstruction she was not able to eat anything, she was throwing any intake and no motions at all. We were suggested to get the bowl obstruction cleared first , so that she can start eating as Chemo ( which is the only option at fourth stage) is very strenious. Post her surgery she is able to eat now and has become better then before and also soon doctors are planning to start chemo sessions for her. Want to mention that doctors have asked her to eat anything. No restrictions at all, not sure if this is right for her or not.

But as of now all looks good so we going on with what doctor is suggesting.

Thanks & Prayers for all.


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Hi All: I am a 79 year old male. Last year I was a 185 lb 5' 11" male, but for the last several months was not feeling strong and easly short of breath, tieying out easy. In med Nov 2011 I admitted myself to the hospital for a check-up, and when the EDG showed that I had Stomach Cancer I opt for surgery, so on 30 Nov. 2011, the doctor. removed my entire stomoch, my gallbladder, part of my esophagus and 30 lymph nodes, of the 30, 23 were already infected with the Cancer. He then attached my small intestines to my esophagus. I stayed 10 days in the hospital. I recovered nicely, even tho I was having some trouble with what foods to eat & not eat. Even tho I was having some mild diarreah, on 9 Jan 2012 I started Chemo. 5 days then 3 weeks off and then another for the next 6 months. After the first round, my mouth was so infected with mouth sores and my tongue so swollen, I was having a hard time eating and drinking, that I got dehydrated and ended up in the hospital. My GP had me tested and found that I had an infection that was causing the diarreah. She gave me med to help with this infection causing the diarreah.
The next time they gave me a lesser dose of Chemo and a nurse told me to suck on ice cubes all while I was getting the Chemo to help with the mouth sores, that did help a lot, but again I ended up in the hospital as I needed blood transfusion, 2 units. I then told the doctor, no more Chemo., it was killing me.
I got my diarreah in check, learned what foods to stay away from ( I stayed away from sugger and coffee) and what to eat. I have gained back some 10 lbs of my lose weight, and now can eat allmost anything I want. I am not back at 100% but doing much better.
Now I eat about 7 times a day, small meal and CHEW my food very much as so to let my mouth do the breaking down of the food that my stomach use to do, and drinking water with every bite. Needless to say that I try to get as much protien as I can. I use power protian. My wife makes me some fruit drinks ( 1 hole banana, over ripe when possible, plus other , apples, paers, peiches, ect. with a hole scop of protien power and lactaid free milk). I drink about 16 oz a day of this, even at night time when I wake. I eat creamy peanut butter sandwichs in the mid day. Right now I eat any thing I want, just small amounts at a time.
A few months after I stop taking Chemo, the wife and I went on a 2+ months car trip around the US and Canada. I did most of the driving.
Ihope that this might help some one that is looking for info on Stomach Cancer as I know how hard it is to find info. Please fell free to ask anything you might want to know that I might help you, as I know how HARD it is to find info on this Cancer.

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My cancer was almost identical to yours. Same everything. The only difference is the age I was 60 at the time. I am now 62.

Everything was fine until I picked up something heavy. I now have this huge hernia bulging out where my stomach used to be.

I am also hypoglycemic as a side effect of not having a stomach


Welland Ontario


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Hi, RemiCat, Sorry to hear about your hemia. I hope that it does not set you back too much. When are you due for another Scan?. I am due for one in med April.

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I'm really interested in this topic, too.

My mom (46) was diagnosed with stage iv cancer, too. It spread to the lymph nodes and the pancreas.
I wish I knew more about this cancer. Our family just found out this past week. i know it's probably a whole lot more scary for her, but I'm so scared I can't sleep.

doc said she has 1-2 years left.  


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Hi my husband was diagnoised with stage 4  gastric cancer that had spread to his liver Feb 2012. He has been taking chemo since Mar 2012. Considering doctor said that he would probably live another year, he is doing really good. He still work has maintained his weight and tumor marker is down to 66 from over 500. Chemo is rough but he is still here. Hope these provides some hope.

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I am 50 years old, and in November of 2012, I was diagnosed with gastrointestinal cancer. I am a mom of 2 daughters, 31 and 24, and a grandmother of 2 granddaughters, 6 and 2. Everyone wishes they knew more about this devasting disease, and more, they want a cure. I know your mom is scared, because I am scared. It is not easy on anyone. Everyday I wake up, thanking God that I have another day. I have went through chemo, surgery, and now they are talking about a treatment called " flushing ". I did not know what stage until a couple of months ago. I am in stage 4. What treatments has your mother had ? How is she feeling daily ? I joined this network, because I feel the need to talk to others who are experiencing the same illness. I have the support of my husband and family, but sometimes you just need to reach out to others. G1G92, have faith and do not give up. If you ever need to talk, feel free to message me. We are a group of people who have to stick together. God bless

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Claire was diagnosed with Stage IV gastric cancer (linitas plastica) in October. The cancer had spread to her ovaries (which were removed) and to adjoining lymph nodes. She has been through 14 rounds of Ziv-aflibercept+mFOLFOX6  which is a trial in which we think she is getting the angiogenesis drug because of some of the side effects. She has been able to weather the chemo treatments fairly well and feels strong.

The doctor says that at some point she'll need to get off the oxaliplatin and move to a second line treatment, probably Paclitaxel and Ramucirumab.

Claire's blog is at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/teamcookie and we'd be happy to share knowledge and hope.

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Hospital serves people are afraid to die. Doctor says you'll die after 4 years if you don't take medication, you will give your life to him, you have no way to know if it's true. Relax, enjoy life, make your body keeps normal. Any treatment will be harmful to you in long term, don't think they're candies, make sure they come from a good doctor knows what he's doing.


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