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Had the surgery on my rectum yesterday and I'm feeling huge improvements already.  The site of the spasm no longer hurts, in fact the only pain I have now is from wiping after going to the bathroom.  The pain level had been so high for a month that my eyes would water all of the time.  Now it's gone, but still a bit difficult sitting up to type.

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Dear Doc,

So very glad that you now have some relief from that pain.

Wishing you speedy full recovery.


Marie who loves kitties

Brenda Bricco
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Joined: Aug 2011

I am so glad you are feeling better!

GOD bless you. :)

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Joined: Sep 2012

Very pleased that things are looking up for you.  Hope you have a smooth recovery.

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I'm so happy that pain has been reduced.  Rest now.

Best, Vita

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Good to hear of your positive results and minimal pain. Take care.



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I was praying for you yesterday, along with tons of others here. 

Glad to hear that you are already feeling more comfortable. 

may you continue to heal well. 

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Hope this will be your last visit to the hospital for a very long time!  AA

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glad you're feeling better - wishing you a speedy and comfortable recoveryLaughing

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Thank you all, the prayers and well wishes have helped.  Something not so good happened this afternoon.

During treatment, I usually sleep pretty deeply and today was no exception.  I woke up abruptly, needing to go pee, so I tossed off my blanket and started to get.  Next thing I knew, everything went black and I felt very warm.  I fell over and hit my head on the floor, getting myself a good cut on my right eyebrow.  The nurses rushed over and got me back in the chair.  Considering my weight has dropped down from the mid 170s to the mid 130s in the past month, they didn't have to work too hard.  

Once they got me in the chair, they started asking me questions but I was unable to even speak.  They had the onc come out to examine me and I don't even remember it.  They told me that he said that I could go get stitches if I wanted but it wasn't necessary.  I declined because scars are cool.

I think why it happened is because chemo leaves me very weak and woozy to begin with.  Compound that with a 40 pound weight loss and the associated decrease in energy and a bad fall was bound to happen.  I've got steri-strips on my eyebrow now and will leave them in place for a couple of days and for the most part I'm feeling a bit more steady on my feet.  As a precaution, I'm using two canes when I walk until stability resumes.

Thank you again for all of the prayers and well wishes!




Brenda Bricco
Posts: 579
Joined: Aug 2011

Sheesh Doc, slow down a little! lol  Get better so you can have some excitement other than hitting the floor. Wink

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We are glad you are not hurt bad.  Sending our thoughts and prayers for your health!


Best Always, mike

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A scar on your head, yeah, at least you've now got a scar you can show everyone. 

We've got all these hidden scars that people don't care to see, so now you've got one to show off.

Seriously though, I hope this was a one off fall, and now that you have a few more days behind you, you are feeling stronger. 


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That was quite a spill you took. I am so glad your surgery was successful at treating your rectal pain, but didn't expect to read something like this! Thankful it wasn't worse. That's a really big weight loss. If you want I could send you some recipes for high protein, high calorie stuff I made for my daughter when she was having her weight loss issues. I'm so sorry you got hurt and hope you feel better soon.


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I have thought about you everyday, so glad your pain is gone.   Sounds like you are pretty weak, hopefully you will be able to eat and gain some weight back.Smile 

Dont try & get up without help until you feel stronger.  Take care we missed you. 

Dyan Clark 

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feeling better from the surgery!!! Am sorry you had to take a little tumble, but scars are cool :) 

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Congrats and I'm sorry???  Sounds weird to hsve both in the same post, but congrats on the surgery and sorry about your fall.  Speedy recovery hopes sent.

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the surgery has helped.  sorry you had a fall & it is a good thing you did not get hurt worse. take care!



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Happy to hear that something has worked out in your favor Doc. Hope you get stronger and stronger. Sorry about your fall. Glad it wasnt worse, you certainly didnt need that.

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Good news on your surgery, Give it some time and things will get better...

Sorry to hear about the head knocker, god gave us hard heads for a reason...



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Really happy to hear your surgery was a success!! Laughing

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