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Scan results and chemo break

Posts: 29
Joined: Apr 2012

Well, my mom had the cicle 12 of Folfiri + Cetuximab and the scan results are of "no progression" a little shrunk on the largest lesion of liver but still multiples on liver, lungs and peritoneal. At least she recuperate her liver function. Now the onc suggest to do a chemo break for two months and then continue. She reminded us that this is chemo for life and that one day this will not work anymore but that nobody know when will be.

Hugs to all. Celeste

Brenda Bricco
Posts: 579
Joined: Aug 2011

I wish the results were more shrinkage but I am glad for the no progression. Thinking of you.

pepebcn's picture
Posts: 6352
Joined: Aug 2010

Merecido descanso,y si la quimio deja de funcionar otras combinaciones de quimio siempre serán posibles!
Una abraçada .

Posts: 29
Joined: Apr 2012

Moltes gràcies Pepe.

Una abraçada.

SharonVegas's picture
Posts: 189
Joined: Feb 2012

That's excellent that there is no progression! I've been told it's chemo for life too so I'm glad to hear your no progression story today. Prayers for continued findings of no progression.
My best to you,

steveandnat's picture
Posts: 887
Joined: Sep 2011

Very glad there is no progression. I to have been told chemo for life so I too get a little nervous when they stop giving some chemo. Whoever the thought of a break sounds good too. Praying everything is going to be good. Jeff

Posts: 1961
Joined: Aug 2003

Good news on the no progression. I am one of those 'chemo for life' people. I've had a couple of chemo breaks -- and they are wonderful. Hope she enjoys, and takes the opportunity to regain strength and health and spirit.


PhillieG's picture
Posts: 4912
Joined: May 2005

Good news about there being no progression.
None of know when our time is up, cancer or no cancer.
I hope your Mom enjoys the break and that we all live our lives to the fullest as best we can...

Posts: 29
Joined: Apr 2012

Thanks to all for your encouragement. I know she need a break because now she had the diarrhea all days, but i'm afraid of the possibility of a growth on this months.


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