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PET and Labs Results!

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After 4 rounds of Xeloda /Avastin this are Cea Results.
Started on 67, after 4 rounds Cea 11.
PET some lymph nodes completely disappeared ,all the others shrunk in a 70% also SUV intake maximum 1.7 coming from 8 in some of them.
Doctors expect everything will be off in 2 or 3 more Rounds!

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WOW Pepe that is great. It is good to hear some positive news. Hope they are all gone with next few rounds. Take care and enjoy that ocean.
Sandy :)

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Great results, Pepe! Maybe it's a little bit of hubris, but sometimes I feel like we're getting a little bit of payback for those we've lost to this wretch of a disease.

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I know you have been through a nervous time waiting for results so congratulations on the outcome. I did find that combination held my tu,our pretty stable for a long while and am hearing of it being used more and more. I had little in the way of side effects too so quality of life is pretty- are you finding the same?

Gives me an excuse to drink a toast tonight (not that I need an excuse with a period of forced sobriety coming up I am enjoying my wine collection at present and even have the blessing of my dietitian in doing so as she is ken I get in all the calories I can where ever they come from!).

Thanks for making my day,

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Such wonderful news!!!!

I am so very happy that things are going so well for you.

Raising my glass to you and praying for continued great success.

Hugs and love,

Marie who loves kitties

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That's great Pepe, after that what is the plan?? Will you continue on the xeloda and avastin??

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Recurrence in nearly 4 years , so I need a rest ! It means that as soon I get NED If I achieve it want to stop for a while and then wait and see!
I really need it , it's been my strategy in the last 3 recurrences and it's fine for me! I always will be able to start the fight if it appears again
I'm still quite strong and will be more if I can achieve a few months or years who knows or resting!.
PS. Craig be careful I'm going to catch your record! LOL. or I already did it?.LOL.

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You got me, man:)

I'm the lightweight of the group....only had it 3x.


Get well, mate!


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Such good news. Hope for a treatment break for you.

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(((Pepe))) hope you stay NED forever!! I just wonder if a low dose of xeloda and celebrex would keep it away....I wish I had asked my onc. for xeloda months ago. Hopefully it's working.

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Good news ! A big hug to you!!!!

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Such wonderful news! Gave me a smile today! Indeed, enjoy your ocean today!

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pepebcn's picture
Posts: 6352
Joined: Aug 2010

Thanks mates but still a little of had work ahead! .
Wish you the best as well! God bless you!

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Posts: 6352
Joined: Aug 2010

Thanks mates but still a little of had work ahead! .
Wish you the best as well! God bless you!

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Hugs mate I am glad that you have some better news. I hope it just gets better. I hope ca has got the message . Ron.

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I'm very glad of your response to this combination of chemo. Hoping this goes to the NED status.

Abraçades. Celeste.

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That is great to hear!!!!!
Smokeyjoe may have a good suggestion. I've read about that combination, too.

I also wondered if you and your onc are still considering that vaccine trial when you get to a good point, hopefully after a few more rounds.

Wow.....just happy for you.

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Quite well you must have active tumours , and once you are Ned you are not admitted also is a random trial so you have to think in it twice! LOL.

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Good news, my husband just finished about same treatments along with surgery to go on bag. He had a lot of scar tissue from Radiation 4 years ago. His CEA was 47 now 1.9 and when they put him on bag all biopsies were negative for live cancer. Right now he is just trying to put on weight.

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Pepe that is the VERY best news

well done dear friend


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PEPE!!! that is the best news. I am doing the happy dance (with clothes on though.) At my age, it wouldn't be pretty!
Congratulations, dear Pepe.

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So wonderful to hear that news! :-)

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Oh Pepe that is great! So happy for you! Thank you for sharing your wonderful news.
My best to you,

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Fantastic news!! Woot woot! So happy for you


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My mom also has distant lymph node mets (though w/ stomach cancer) and it's so encouraging finding people w/ similar mets that have such great response!!! I hope you reach Ned and stay Ned forever!!!!!!! Chemo is so tiring.

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Great news, way to go. Have a wonderful day.

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we should go for a qigong class together.

What you are on is what i was asked to go on as well.

my cea is 67 at present, i like your results.

smile my friend, i am after reading your news.


pepebcn's picture
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Thank you all my mates!
Wish you the best in your fight as well!
Hugs to all of you!

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That is Great News Pepe! We are glad that everything is positive!

Best Always, mike

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This is great news! You play a very good game of "Whack-a-Mole!"

I hope I have results this good going back on chemo again too.

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Can we say a great big YIPPEE. No matter how hard it might get just stay the course, it is working well for you.

Take care - Tina

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pepe you have played this hand well my friend.may the next rounds of chemo keep on working for you(((hugs)))....Godbless....johnnybegood

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Great news Pepe! Enjoy your summer at the beach.


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Love to hear the good news. Sending prayers for continued good response ....prayers for good health.

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That is just great news!!! Thanks for sharing! Happy!


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With all you have been through, how sweet would that be. Here is to hoping for just 2 or 3 more rounds of chemo!

best wishes and peace


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