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Hospice Called In

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My wife's three battle is coming to and end. She fought so hard to live life her way, and I am content and happy that I was able to help her do it. There is no more chemo. There is no more surgery, no more radiation, no more healthy eating, no more. Just the family, love, and helping her as she helped so many others in her life.

She summed up her life very neatly, "I talk to people. That's all I do"

I've been bombarded with the "You're not giving up are you?" question. And the CTCA's commercial runs 10 times per day here, so everyone asks did you try? No we didn't give up over 3 years of continuous treatment, tried so new protocols, and at the end her CEA was 37000.

I will be posting on the caregiviber site for now on.

So Worried
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Blessings for your family. I am so sorry that treatment is not helping your beautiful wife anymore. Prayers coming your way.

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I fully can understand and every time this happens I get so angry at this horrible cancer. I pray your wife stays as comfortable as possible. Jeff

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I am really sorry that you both have come to this point in your wife's journey. You have not given up at all, you both appear to have made the most of your time together and that to me is surely very special without the awful effects of chemo. I too am in hospice care, comfortable and still getting on with life with my loved ones. My very best wishes to you both, be at peace with yourselves.


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Nana b
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IF only miracles happened on call. So sorry.

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I'm so sorry to hear that she's reached the proverbial point of no return. I will say prayers for both of you. God bless you for being there for her during her battle.

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I am sorry for you both and hope she, an you, and your family find peace...

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I am so saddened by this. I will be praying for you and your family.

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So very sorry that her time grows short. You have both been warriors in the fight.

Please know we pray for all of you who love her.

May she have peaceful and pain free days with you.


Marie who loves kitties

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Thank you for the update. It is always hard to here of members becoming more unwell and reaching the point where treatment is no longer the right option but it is great to hear you talk openly of the acceptance you have reached in your current situation. It shows how healthy and supportive you are as a cre giver to know when the right time to shift the focus is- now focus on some quality time together in what ever form you can get it.

You are both in my thoughts,

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you and your name very well.all we can do is fight this fight the best we can one day at a time and hope that we can touch someones life along the way.best to you and your family...Godbless...johnnybegood

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Give her a smile and a hug from all of us here.
you have been an amazing husband.
big hugs,

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There are some things in life that we have no other option than to accept. This is one we all face,hugs to you both ,Ron.

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I know what you mean about the cancer commercials, they are on every 5 minutes. I also think people outside the household don't understand what she's been through. Best wishes to both of you, she has been lucky to have you. I think my husband as a caregiver to me has been through as much as me.

Cathleen Mary
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Thank you so much for sharing this difficult news. You are an amazing caregiver! Both of you are in my heart and prayer . I wish for all of us the strength, courage, and acceptance that you both have lived.

Cathleen Mary

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It is truly difficult to be the caregiver. I have been doing so for more than 3 years now so I truly understand the questions a caregiver is asked. Did you do this, did you do that, did you go here or there. At first they make you question youself if you have done everything. I know I am at peace knowing I have and continue to do so and I want you to feel the same, total peace, with the decisions you have made. Some things are totally out of our hands. God has a plan, I just wish sometimes I knew or undersood the plan.

At this time in you lives may you and your wife be surrounded with peace and love.

Sincerely - Tina

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I'm sorry to hear that. Your wife is lucky to have you by her side. Wishing for the peace for all of you during this time. My prayers are with you all.


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We know that you didn't mail it in:)

Being able to walk along the path of acceptance is a question I've wrestled with many times - I guess we never know which road we will take until we get to that fork in the road.

The way that you are handling things is very admirable and a lesson for all of us on how to find grace when we find ourselves embarking down a new trail.

It sure looks like you have the right recipe for how you both want to spend your time together - that's wonderful.

I hope that you will consider stopping by from time to time - as a colorectal caregiver, this is invaluable experience and could touch another life down the road, at another fork in the road.

I wish you both the very best.


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Sending you and your wife and family much love and prayers. I am sorry this is happening. We all know everyone did the best they could. God has his plans and even though we cannot understand them. Again, I am so sorry.

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and strength to you and your wife. Take care.


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Will pray for all of you.

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Sorry to hear your sad news. My wife has Alzheimers, so I too am a caregiver with little hope.

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and patience to deal with foolish folk who don't have any understanding of the cancer experience. Those of us who walk this path with you and your wife understand that there comes a time when letting a weary warrior rest is the right thing to do. I hope your dear wife will be lifted up in the final steps of this journey by the love and peace her loved ones can provide. Ann Alexandria

Brenda Bricco
Posts: 579
Joined: Aug 2011

I am so sorry to hear that she is near her end but I am happy to hear confidence in your post about the place you are at. No one knows what is right for soemone else and to have things like "your not giving up, are you?" is not what needs to be said. I some times feel that my role in all of this is down played because I am not the patient. My husbands battle has brought me to my knees, broken me to the point that every waking moment hurts and makes me feel alone in this world. Again, I am so sorry, your wife is blessed to have you.
GOD bless you.

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Prayers for you all.

Diane & Roby

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Your pictures speaks a thousand words of a happy couple, and it looks like it was taken in the Spring of last year....so much can change so fast.
If I could give you anything across the computer it would be peace and a sense of relief from all the TRYING. You did your very best. Now it's time to Be...to Be Together.
You are always welcome on this site as you have a lot to offer...never forget that.
With sincerest condolences and a hug,
Your Friend in California,

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I will keeep both of you in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that you both can find peace and acceptance in this next part of her journey. Spend as much time as possible together and just love eachother - time is so very precious.


Posts: 306
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My wife is not the computer type, but she knows some of the stories from this forum. I want to thank you all for sharing your journey, it has been a great help to us through all of this.

Best to you.

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Just saying I am so sorry, I had never even heard of a CEA so high. Take care i hope you can find comfort in the life you have shared.

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Prayers lifted for you and your wife. It is so hard to hear the words, to know the end is near. Thank you for the dignity and caring you bestowed on your wife through her journey and showing the world how it's done


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I am so sorry, May God keep you and your wife in her journey.


Posts: 308
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I don't know what else to say, another hard fought battle. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

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i will be praying for both of you to have strength & peace. may God bless both of you as you have fought a good fight. i am so sorry.

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Thanks you for the news...for me it is hard to read when one of the members reaches a point where there are no more options. I have read your posts for some time and you are obviously a great and dedicated caregiver; please ignore the nay sayers. As for the adds...we have them here too...not sure it is an option for everyone,

((HUGS)) and prayers for a peaceful and pain free time for you and your lovely wife.


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I am so very sad that your family is going threw this difficult time but am glad that you have each other.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Sending a HUGE cyber hug.

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My heart goes out to you. God bless! I am so sorry!

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Posts: 493
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I read your post last night, and thought about you and prayed for you last night, during the night and this morning.

I pray for strength for you and your family.
I pray for God's Grace to shine down on your wife and to shine eternal happiness to her.

thank you for sharing and our prayers go out to you.

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I hope your wife is kept comfortable.
She's been lucky to have such a thoughtful caring husband...

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This news saddens me, this is such a horrible disease. God bless your family with strength through this time. Keep in touch.

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Enjoy your remaining time together.

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May the Lord be with you, and give you and your wife peace, and comfort. You're in my prayers. Dan

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Kenny H.
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Sorry to read of this.
Will pray for her and all of the family. What is her name?

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as your wife, you, and your family begin the next stage of this journey. I see in your smile a loving man and I have read the gentle and devoted way that you have described caring for her. I am also a caregiver and my husband has stage four cancer with mets to the liver and lungs. You have my greatest respect. The sadness that you must face is terrible, but I also wish you both moments of joy and peace. I wish your wife comfort. May your life be forever strengthened by the happier times you shared together.

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I really like your ID -- here4life. That is what we are all trying to do -- live life as best we can. And I think hospice is also about living life the best we can, pain free, and LOVE filled.

Too many times cancer patients have to make tough decisions and have to go through hell in order to "live life". I pray that someday there is a definitive cure for this ugly disease.

I wish you LOVE LOVE LOVE, for your wife, and you, and your family, and ALL the people your wife has talked to over her years. I also wish you Peace and Tranquility as well.

God Bless you both!


Posts: 141
Joined: Sep 2011

I just wanted to say I am so sorry. You're courage during this battle has been commendable. May peace come to both of you and may the Lord above hold you in his hands forever.


Posts: 88
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Bless you and you're are definitely in my thoughts. We'll all be there eventually with your wife and I know that it will be a better life. xoxox

Posts: 11
Joined: May 2011

Thanks for all your posts....peace and love

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It's so hard to know what to say. May your remaining time together be peaceful and may she not suffer any pain, and may she be able to talk up a storm to all that love her. My heart goes out to you both, both of you fought long and hard for her life, you have done all you could,
I quite imagine you both holding hands and whispering love words to each other, enjoying the moments as they come. May strength be with you in the time to come.
Winter Marie

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I'm so sorry it got to this point, and I pray for peace for both of you.


SharonVegas's picture
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Thank you for sharing. May peace be with you and your wife. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

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Hugs, comfort, peace and way to go....for giving your all to "fight the fight" your way. May your days be filled with love, comfort, smiles and wonderful memories!



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