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chemo theropy keeping you awake.

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Have any of you had issues with chemo therapy keeping you awake. I have had a chemo port for the past 10 years The old chemo is still in it from 10 years ago. I know it still has chemo in it cause when I push on the site I start to loose hair. I have a lump too that has stopped growing at least for now any way. Plus I cant sleep at all.

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Most docs suggest the port be "flushed" every 3 or so months. They can get clogged, as some people have gotten infections from the devices if not kept clean.

When it's flushed, all fluids in device are forced out. You telling us, last chemo when used the port was 10 years ago, and drugs still in it?

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Yep defiantly drugs in it. I even got a chemo burn when I pushed into were the port needle is suppose to go. So far it only has caused a burn once and loss of hair. I don’t know what to do. I still cant believe there are still drugs in it that it still works. It causes me to cough sometimes to. My primary physician isn’t aware of it and I don’t know how to convince him it is real. Other then what I am doing. So here is the hole story. I was staying at a girl friends house after graduation despite suppose to be at the graduation dinner. I fell into a coma with her. I woke up in a children’s hospital were I was mistaken for a really big 9 year old. The port was in there at that time. Later I wondered home some how and now I still have the port in me and I don’t know what to do. I defiantly have cancer again too. Its really stress full.

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My Oncologist makes me come ina flush the Port every six weeks if I am not taking Chemo for some reason.

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