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Clinical trial for TRC105 Phase 1b

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Robert is a candidate for a trial in Birmingham @ UAB. This new drug works like Avastin. We weren't too sure about doing this trial since we don't know if the increased tx with Erbitux and Camptosar is working, yet. But Robert's onc said he worked with this drug in a trial last year for prostate cancer and the results were pretty impressive. He was very excited about it and knows the doc that is heading the trial and recommended Robert do it.

So next week, it is another ballgame. New facility, new docs, more scans and tests.

Will keep updates posted.


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IS interesting to see another anitangiogenesis drug being trialled. It is early days if it is only phase 1b but the tolerability trials on this drug I could find look good. There is little in the literature that I can access on its efficacy in colorectal cancer (or others though your onc may know some unpublished data).

Would like to hear more if you can get some more info. Am reading a bit on two other new chemos that are working on the angiogenesis pathways and seems to be the big area of development at present. I am sure the companies will be competing to see who can get their drug to market first.

Is all good news for us though as has been a long period of little new for colorectal cancer.


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trialled for advanced solid tumors. Robert has multiple hepatic lesions, the largest being 6x4 cm that is unresectable due to the hepatic veins snaking through it.

We remain hopeful.

Best to you, Steve


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Thanks for the update. Yes, please keep us informed on this information. I think this is a great opportunity for you guys and this just may be an awesome new tool. I am excited for you both! Take care


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Hoping for the best. Will keep you in my prayers. Good news that your new onc is upbeat on this and has the experience.

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