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What a ride this has been.

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In January, 2008 I started noticing blood with bowel movements. I had a number of tests, including a barium enema, CT scans and the poop analysis, and everything came back negative. The bleeding continued and I had a colonoscopy in April, 2009, without anesthesia. Since I was wide awake I got to see the two little polyps that were discovered and removed and I was feeling very positive, since the doctor wasn't finding anything bad, and the procedure was just about over, but then he made the turn into the ascending colon and I got to see the huge, ugly, evil, bleeding tumor that looked like something from hell. I asked the doctor if it was something bad, knowing that it was. The doctor didn't have the best bedside manner, because as we were looking at the tumor on the monitor he was admonishing me for not having had regular colonoscopies instead of "messing around with those other tests." I asked if it was cancer and he said "yes" and said that now we had to do CT scans to see if and where the cancer had spread. He gave the impression that it must have spread, because it was so large. The pathology report later confirmed that it was cancer, and would have to be removed. Yet, my major concern is that I once had a bad experience with anesthesia and I wanted to know if the operation could be done with a local, with me awake. I never do anything easy. The tumor was removed in May, 2009 along with 26 nodes. The tumor was the size of an orange, and the surgeon said it was one of the largest he had ever seen. When I was staged at 2A the surgeon indicated that I must be at least a stage 3, because he had seen for himself that the tumor had punched through the wall. In any case, I was reluctant to do chemo and delayed for three months, before I finally gave in to the urging of my wife and oncologist. Again, I never do anything easy. I felt wonderful the first day of chemo treatment, but then it was downhill from there. The regiment was supposed to be for 6-months, with 6-weeks on chemo and 2-weeks off, but I had so many toxic reactions to the chemo, and so many interruptions, I was only two-thirds through the chemo treatment one year later when the doctor stopped it, after a perforation happened in my super irritated colon and I was rushed to emergency. So, then it was a CT scan every three months and now I'm having them every six months. I'm scheduled for one in three weeks and my CEA level, as per yesterday is 1.9, which is has been since my resection. So, this is a grim disease, this f**king cancer, but all we can do is take the next indicated step in front of us. I use to share here a lot, when I was going through all the struggle, and haven't been sharing that much, since things have smoothed out and I have moved on with my life, but I do like to come back now and then and to let others know that I'm still on the plant and things are going well after three years and I wish all of you the very best in your battle. All we can do is fight the good fight and take it a day at a time.

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Its good to hear from you! Sucks that we face the same kind of crap day in and out and that Will NEVER change. Change up here or there but a constant battle to stay ahead of the game. Thanks for checking in. It's good to see others out there and know you are not alone


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Have you considered even doing some of the nutritional and immunological programs like Life Extension? Not the cimetidine (before oxi + avastin in the advanced stage, people who needed cimetidine mostly didn't make 2-4 years even if they were stage II), but rather PSK (beta glucans) and the nutrients.

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Hello Cessna, good to hear that you are doing well.I have always read your posts because we had very similar situations.

Oct. 2009---Mine too was right colon ( cecum ), large as the surgeons fist ( guess he doesn't use fruit examples....LOL), 26 negative nodes and like you I do not like any sedation when having procedures.I was staged II A/B. I had 5 folfox tx and then 4 tx with only Xeloda.9 tx in all. That was all my body could tolerate safely. I am due for a pet/CT in Sept. This will be my 3rd since ending chemo.So far, so good.

I am so glad to hear that you are doing well and moving on with your life. I hope you are still flying?

Best wishes for future good health.


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nice you have stopped by.i remember you when i was begining my fight since then i am now stage four.glad for you that it has not spread to any other organs.life goes on one day at a time as we all continue this horrible battle....Godbless....johnnybegood

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We all value a good news story and while it has been bumpy at present it sounds like there are clearer skies ahead. I appreciate the moving on from this site thing too- I think it is part of recovery that cancer occupies less space in your life and that includes this site. It does get to the point where you think about it less and I remember reaching a time when I surprised myself that I hadn't thought about cancer for several days without even realising.

It is a marathon this journey but it sounds like you are getting there. thanks for sharing.


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Same story just a little different version. I take life 6 months at a time, between scans. Refuse to let it beat me down. I'm stage 3b and was on here daily during the winter. But now have so much grass/weeds 50 acres to take care of i've not been on the computer that much. Put in 200 fruit trees this spring and I am busy taking care of this so called "orchard". I can't feel my hands or feet but have learned to deal with it. I was at church today and thinking about everyone on here over the year and caught up on as many comments as I could. Glad to see so many of the same faces. Sorry i've been away for a while. chuck

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