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Blood numbers rising - ugh! CAT scan today - update

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Hi Friends,
I haven't been on much lately, trying to live a bit without cancer always at the front of our minds. Dick had a NED scan in January but stayed on reduced chemo. He has had increased pain in his back (he does have L4 - L5 bad disks) and his CEA which has never been above 2.8 is at 3.2. Also his liver numbers are a bit high (by about 14 numbers). So onc ordered CAT today and then bone scan on Wednesday. Ohhhhhhhhh I hate this. I hate living on the roller coaster.
Our daughter had her senior prom over the weekend and that went great. That is one reason we haven't shared this with others. She graduates from high school in June. It has been hard having a dad with cancer her entire time in high school. I just pray we can get through the next few months with grace.
Please pray for all of us. Pray that we deal with the results with grace and courage.
Thank you. Your love and support mean the world to me.



Aloha Friends,

Thank you for your warm thoughts and prayers. You are wonderful, loving people and I soooo appreciate you. As you know jumping on the roller coaster is totally exhausting. Good news is the bone scan is clear of cancer. The onc said the pain he is having is from his herniated disks and arthritis caused by the chemo. He will be getting physical therapy to help with the pain.

The CAT also was good in that the liver and everything other than the lungs looked clear. The radiologist thought there was so growth in the things we thought were dead mets (nothing lit up in February on a PET) The biggest thing he saw went from 5mm in August 2011 to 7mm. The onc is looking at the CAT himself and we have another friend radiologist looking at it too. We hope the lungs aren't active again. I'll update when we know. We are relieved everything else was clear.


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Dear Kathleen ,
I was just thinking about you, Dick, and your
family today and wondering how Dick was doing. I
hadn't checked in for awhile myself.

I am sorry for the anxiety that you are all feeling
right now. I am hopeful that with Dick just
having a normal scan in January that all is good.

I will be praying for your family and for positive
news these next few days.


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So very sorry that you and Dick are once again having to deal with all the scans and labs.

Praying for the best, but if the news is not good praying that this will prove to be the least that it can be.

You receive what you give, so you know that you have the love and support of us all.

Hugs to you and the family,

Marie who loves kitties

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Hi Kathleen & Dick,
My back is really hurting, & My cea was 2.-- 3 months ago and is now 3.1.
I just had a ct which showed now evidence of disease. The back is probably from osteoporosis.
So I will be praying for similar results for you. (NED, not osteo!!)
Just wanted you to know it can be good news.

good luck.

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Oh Kathleen: sorry you starting into scans again. Have faith you two....maybe normal life but we all know how hard it is.....well next to impossible not to worry.

So glad your daughter had a good grad.....sometimes that can be fraught too.....our daughter did not get along with her date and it was a big mess. ahhh and it is so important to kids that age.

okay Kathleen and Dick.....sending prayers and love


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I have a ct scan today as well. I feel your pain. It doesnt get any easier after 6 1/2 years

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you two have been trying to live a normal life but i also know you and Dick are strong people and i believe you can handle what ever comes your way.i will be thinking of you and remember this ride is rough so just hold on....Godbless....johnnybegood

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Hello from California.....
Will be thinking of both of you today and will be looking for your updated report.
Take care~

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If it is something, Kathleen, it is already a foregone conclusion that you and Dick will address it accordingly in the same fashion that you've always handled things. Make no mistake about that - nothing will change in that regard.

Wishing you good results:)


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As well as prayers.
Breathe and smile, come what may another dawn is on the way.
Senior prom, congratulations your girl is blessed, better a loving dad, than no dad.

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3.2 is still a safe area so hope there is nothing in there.Will pray for you both today!
Hugs and good luck.

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Kathleen and Dick! love, Leslie

from World Prayers website:

It gets better.
Stay in between my synapses
tap it out in Morse code
if need be.

It gets better.
Take me outside to look
at the birds flying in unison
taste the salty air
by the boundless ocean
feel the sand between clenched toes.

It gets better.
Take my mind off what I know
is too big for me
this thing I always dance around
and never mention.

That's why there is faith.
It's the bridge between
the impossible and the infinite.
Please get me and mine safely across.

danse macabre - ruth williams - 2010

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I'm praying for good results from the CT scan and bone scan.

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Nana b
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Thinking about you.....Hang in there!

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Hoping and praying that scans are good.
My husbands cea was stable a 1.5 then jumped
to 3.4. Three months later it went back down
to 2.8. He has a stable liver lesion and had
a blood clot in his liver ...which is ok now.
It is so hard not to worry. My husband is ned
for now in spite of problems along the way.
Praying it works out well for you husband.
Take care....Linda

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