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Suggestions re: diet, etc...

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I could use some input re: good pc diet book.

I assumed that I had always maintained a healty diet until I got this diagnosis.
My diet consisted of fat free milk with a bowl of whole grain cereal and coffee for breakfast, except for eggs on a Sunday. Very little red meat(maybe twice a month) now none at all. I used to eat chicken or turkey a couple of times per week, now none at all.
I eat tuna and other types of fish several times per week. I also continue to eat veggies, nuts and fruits. I was always a social drinker and as such only had an occasional beer or glass of white wine maybe once a week, now I only have a small glass of red wine in the evening.



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Sounds like a good diet to me. I would commend The China Study to you. It changed my way of thinking about diet and nutrition in a big way. Good luck.


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For general information, I suggest that you watch the movie Forks Over Knives.

I just got it from Netflix. If you're not a Netflix member, you can usually get a free trial, which will enable you to "rent" it for free and then cancel the membership w/o cost later.

You can get general info about the movie and the "whole food plant based diet" that is recommends on the movie's website here:


I watched the movie (on the recommendation of another member) and you can read my comments about it and my plans to change my diet based on it here:


I also recommend reading the following paper "Nutrition and Prostate Cancer" prepared by the staff at the UCSF Cancer Resource Center, which corresponds with what the movie suggests but provides much more detailed information and supporting authority for it's recommendations:


Good luck!

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Hey rexx,

Here's a source of some pretty good receipes designed for the PCa patient.

"The Taste for Living Cookbook" and "The Taste for Living WORLD Cookbook" contain recipes that chef Beth Ginsberg created for prostate cancer survivor Mike Milken, who also serves as chairman of PCF (Prostate Cancer Foundation).

Each month, chef and PCF consultant Beth Ginsberg provides PCF website visitors and NewsPulse subscribers with recipes, nutrition tips, and menu ideas. From how to eat at the airport to creating full menus, this information is designed to give your diet and the foods you eat a healthy update. Search the PCF database of recipes or browse by category.


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Hi Rexx,

I would not cut out chicken or turkey completely. It's just how you prepare it. Boneless skinless chicken is good. Pork chops also have little fat.
Also try to get as many antioxidents as you can. Dark berries and fruits. Green tea is also good.
The links you have been given are great and also a multi vitamin can't hurt.

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