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Has anyone had any experience with Zometa. I have a recurrence, and the tumor is adjacent to the bone. it has weakened the ileum, and I was told by an orthopedic surgeon to start an infusion of Zometa once a month. The side effects can be quite intense, so If anyone has had used this drug, I would like to hear opinions.

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Double Whammy
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Lots of women on the breast cancer board have taken Zometa. You might want to post your question there if it is relevant only to side effects. Or you can do a search on that forum that might answer your questions.


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I've got a rib up under my armpit that is almost completely gone from uterine cancer. I've been getting zometa for it. I notice real pain in that rib for aday or two after the infusion, but it gets better and overall the rib hurts less than it did before the zometa. The rib still looks very eroded in my ct scans, so not sure how zometa works. Is it supposed to be rebuilding the bone?

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There's an interesting "side effect" from Zometa that makes it the bisphosphonate for people with cancer: Zometa stimulates the gamma delta T-cells (the white blood cells that fight cancer).

Do an Internet search using "Zometa T cells" and read more about it.

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