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Happy Sunday....!

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So here I am starting my third week of a walk/run plan that my friend scouty motivated me to do. It's not as easy as I thought but I make the time to do it 3 times a week. In the last 3 weeks I have found the toll that treatment took on my body, although I'm not saying I regret doing it, just the changes it left. You all know, tired after a days work (more like exhaustion), stiffness, sore, less endurance....But I'm hanging in there. I also use my juicer after every run, thank you Emily!! I miss your encouragement on here since you were one that got me started...... I've made that my pattern (chemo brain moment, thats not the word I was looking for but it works)When I run or work out in any way I juice after. I was all over juicing everyday, for about a week, but some days after work I am just beat when I get home and cant get the energy. I know it will increase with time.

Well, I guess I just wanted to encourage and say a "hey" to those that are doing something similar.


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Good work, keep it up and you'll start to feel stronger!! I tried running a bit when I was out with my son one day when he accompanied me on my walk, all of a sudden I had knee issues, never had them before, not pain inside the joint of the knee but I think it's the ligaments, hurt on the same spot on both my knees. So, I think I'll have to stick to walking more and hopefully those ligaments will start to co-operate.

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We are following a similar plan. My husband is retired so goes to
the YMCA every day....I don't go as often as he does....4 or 5 times
a week. I can't imagine how hard it would be when you work. Stick with
it will get easier in time. Were into juicing and eating more of a organic
plant based diet. My husband is the one with colon cancer and says he
feels better than he has in a long time.
Thanks for the post....Linda

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oh good for you......well done.

hubby and I try to get to the Y at least once a day in the winter. Looking forward to warmer weather for walks outside. Also out town is building a new Y that will have a large indoor running/walking track.

keep up the good work....I too am retired and am in awe of anyone who can be working and still be so disciplined.....


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