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Great news!

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a week of great sadness and great relief........

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Joined: Nov 2010

This week has been so mixed for me. Firstly, the sad news of Linda's passing, which hit so many of us so badly.
But, today, the news that my latest PET/CT scan is clear - no uptake anywhere. We had ordered it to try and determine whether the "mass" on the left side of my pelvis was recurrence or fibrosis - it turns out to be fibrosis. The relief is immense, as had it been a recurrence, it would probably not have been operable, due to it's proximity to the sidewall.
I feel blessed to have such good news, but somehow guilty too, that we should lose a beacon like Linda while I am allowed to sail on.

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I am so happy to hear your good news! But I too feel the same way about Linda. But Linda would not want us to feel this way. Live Large she would say.

So enjoy your news! Celebrate. Have a tea party and let us know how it went that we too can enjoy all of your celebrations.

We must continue the light for Linda and all others.

My best to you, Helen. I feel uplifted from your good news!


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Great news, Helen! You have already been through so much, finding out this is a benign mass must be such a relief. We all need the good stories, that everything is not necessarily cancer - these are the sources of our hopes.

As Kathy siad - live large with your good health. All of us want you to - and Linda would demand you do!


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I know that sometimes having a good health report can underscore the sadness we feel for those who are not doing so well. However, I believe that Linda in particular would want you to celebrate.

Congratulations on your excellent scan! I am so very happy for you. You've always be so kind and supportive to all of the women here. Now it's time to feel the relief wash over you and live life with all of the enthusiasm I sense that you have.

Big hugs, and I raise a glass of green tea to you!


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That's the best news....yippee! We all have such sadness in our hearts for our dear friend Linda, but as we all know life must go on. I'll never forget Linda, but just as happy as a pig in mud for your wonderful news!!

As Jill mentioned and I agree, RAISE A GLASS OF GREEN TEA for the gang!!!


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Am so happy to hear that your scan was clear!

And I am right or wrong in recalling that your initial diagnosis was MMMT? If so, being clear of a recurrence is real cause to celebrate!

Enjoy the news, Hellie.


HellieC's picture
Posts: 524
Joined: Nov 2010

Hi Rosey
Sorry, no, my diagnosis was adenocarcinoma. I was the one who had the hyst and no cancer was found, then got a "recurrence" 7 years later and then a second recurrence 2.5 years after that. My cancer may be the "commonn or garden" variety and it is low grade, but, boy has it been persistent! I don't think anyone really understands why we haven't been able to beat it!
Helen xx

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Yes you need to celebrate your clear PET/CT. Don't feel guilty. May you have a very long dance with NED. In peace and caring.

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Wonderful news. As others have said, the good news helps us, helps us all! It is no way takes away from our feeling for Linda. And she would be the first to celebrate your good news.


TiggersDoBounce's picture
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I hear you girlfriend. Linda's passing has been and is still so incredibly sad for me. I am thinking of how she loved the holidays and how last year at this time would be getting ready for all the pie baking she loved to do :(

BUT as others have said, she wanted us to live large and enjoy the blessings we do have in our lives.

I am SO happy to hear of your good news. This is SO worth celebrating!!!!!

Hang in and keep the good health rolling forward!


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Oh Helen, I know you have had such a stressful time waiting to get the CT/PT done and get the results. But,what TERRIFIC news! Do not feel guilty about this wonderful occasion of celebrations. We are here cheering for you....and I am thinking a glass a wine in additon to the green tea is in order!!

Cheers for many more years!

Hugs, Karen

HellieC's picture
Posts: 524
Joined: Nov 2010

Thanks, everyone. Even though I never met Linda, I know how she would have shared in the good news.
Karen - I took your advice last night and added a glass or two of wine to the green tea - not in the same glass :-)
I am so lucky to get a good result and I intend to live large and enjoy every day of the holiday season. The new outside icicle fairy lights went up yesterday as the start of it.
Wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.
Helen xx

Posts: 30
Joined: Jan 2011

You really are amazing and it is wonderful news that nothing lit up!

Wishing you good health for many years,


Double Whammy's picture
Double Whammy
Posts: 2835
Joined: Jun 2010

I'll also raise a glass in celebration for your good news.


Sara Zipora's picture
Sara Zipora
Posts: 231
Joined: Sep 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posts: 130
Joined: Feb 2011

Great news that your CT/Pet was clear. A great reason to celebrate this holiday season even more.


Posts: 53
Joined: Nov 2011

Congrats on the good news! So happy for you. Enjoy the up-coming holidays, Edith

Tresia23's picture
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Joined: Dec 2010

Hi Hellie,

I cannot add much more to what others have said. I agree that you must enjoy your life and not be sad as I am quite sure Linda would be so thrilled for you if she were still here with us. I also think it is really touching to read your posts supporting and encouraging others. You have a very kind and compassionate heart. You are blessed and that is such a wonderful thing.

Sending you kind thoughts,

daisy366's picture
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Wonderful, Hellie!

Enjoy dancing with NED, my friend. Mary Ann

Fayard's picture
Posts: 438
Joined: May 2011


I am so happy about the good news. I agree with you about Linda being gone.
I am still in shock and sad.

Thank you for sharing positive news!

Posts: 66
Joined: Dec 2010

I'm just catching up as have been away for a few days - had been wondering how things were with you as I knew you were waiting for scan results. So that's fantastic news - I am so pleased. I share your feelings about Linda though but everyone is right - she would want us all to celebrate your news!
Do you still have your pelvic pain symptoms that were the need for the scan?
Have a good weekend -
Susan x

HellieC's picture
Posts: 524
Joined: Nov 2010

Thank you all for your support, ladies. I do hope all of you in the US had a great thanksgiving with family and friends. Here in the UK, we have to wait until Christmas for our big celebration!
Susan - thanks for your concern - yes - I do still have the pelvic pain. The scans didn't show any degeneration in the bones from radiotherapy, so we can only conclude that it is either general "wear and tear" of the hips/pelvis(I used to do a lot of active horseriding when I was younger) or possibly being caused by the fibrosis in the pelvis stopping the bowel being as mobile as it should be. But it is well under control with normal painkillers (I take 400mg ibuprofen in the morning and 1000mg paracetamol at bedtime - so a really low dose, which is good). I have also started Glucosamine on the recommendation of my oncologist. Apparently there have been some studies which show that it can be as effective as paracetamol! I may also start on chondroitin as well, as I believe it can also help joints. So we shall see what happens in the next few months. Next appt. is at the end of May.
Helen xx

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We all need some good news! Linda would share in your happiness. I am having a hard time with my grief although I never met her. She was so geniune on this blog site. I thought about leaving the site because the grief wells up in me each time I read and I have written although they seemed to disappear.

I hope exercise will help your aching pelvis too.


Posts: 40
Joined: Dec 2009

Go girl, that kind of news sure makes your day and year. Keep it up. Pat

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