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When I was diagnosed in March 2011 with stage 4 nsclc, Cancer Survivors Network was the first website I found and I joined up and found very useful information shared by cancer survivors and caregivers. It was only much later when I looked for more specific treatment options that I found Cancer Grace:
www.cancer grace.org has very qualified doctors as well as members who have provided answers to my most difficult of questions. Most importantly I am able to sort through my treatment options and often get validations of what are often confusing and/or confusing medical opinions.
As with CSN, there is also a great deal of member support and encouragement.

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jim and i
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I found the answer to a question my family has had for a long time on this site. I also found assurance in my mom's decision to not have a biopsy on her lung nodule which is slow growing.

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Thanks for the tip will give it a look as we all could use information.
But just the same love it here on CSN where I fell like family with so many others who I did not know before and are now like my brothers and sisters.


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Hondo: I understand your feeling of kinship with many of the CSN members and their willingness to share experiences. Cancer Grace has moderators who add the personal touch and I've also been doing personal messaging with members who reached out to me. It especially nice when some of them the same type of nscls ( squamous) as I do. Also, one of the members lives in the Los Angeles area and we have been able to discuss doctors (in my case not always favorably) which I wouldn't want to do on an open forum. Both CSN and Cancer Grace are wonderful.

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ouare making me all teary-eyed ;)

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My sentiments exactly. Love this board of caring and compassionate friends.

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Thank you for sharing.

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