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a wonderful Thanksgiving

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Joined: Jun 2006

this is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend....so much earlier than state-side.....

we had twenty friends and family for traditional turkey dinner,,,,mashed potatoes, squash, green beans, homemade bread, coleslaw,stuffing, cranberries and endless pies

last night my dear neighbour died of throat cancer...a blow to us all but still endlessly thankful...so many blessings ....every cancer death is a kick in the head for us

but on we go.....sorry must be blissed out on turkey and tryphtofan


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Hi, Maggie.

Happy Thanksgiving! It sounds like you had a great celebration! Thanksgiving is a very special holiday to me, because I was diagnosed Thanksgiving week and had my colon resection the day after Thanksgiving. So, every year I'm reminded to be grateful for the tremendous gift of being alive. I'll be celebrating 4 years this November!

Enjoy your bliss!


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I too live in Canada and we will have our traditional thanks giving dinner on Sunday. We will be 15 people strong. Family and friends. Lots to be thankful for.
I wish all the Canadians on this board a fabulous Thanksgiving!!

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Joined: Jun 2010

I was wondering if you had stuffing. What do you put in the stuffing and how do you prepare the cranberries?

idlehunters's picture
Posts: 1792
Joined: Apr 2009

Do you do yams? Sweet Potatoe recipes??? Other than pumpkin...what is the fav?


Kathleen808's picture
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Joined: Jan 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving.

Sorry to hear about your neighbor. It is difficult when we lose those we love, right now especially difficult when it is to cancer.



herdizziness's picture
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So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It is always wonderful when family and friends can get together around a meal, talk, laugh and enjoy each others company. So happy for you.
I'm sorry about your neighbor, each time cancer takes another, it's a sad day indeed.
Hugs at you,
Winter Marie

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maglets's picture
Posts: 2596
Joined: Jun 2006

haha funny you should mention stuffing Ketz....my best friend is originally from St Louis....and she always makes the stuffing....I do the bird and she makes it outside of the bird....we tend to call it dressing.

for cranberries i just boil them add sugar and then sometimes orange juice or peel

Jennie we usually have turnip rather than yams....and we always call them sweet potatoes...even though they are different veg....this year there was a casserole of mashed squash mixed with carrots in butter and cream....we always have white potatoes mashed and a cole slaw for sure....dessert is always pie and there might be cheesecake....

funny the regional differences...

the weather was warm and we were able to be outside until dinner time


Posts: 1154
Joined: Jun 2010

I was wondering what the bread filler was. I know it isn't cornbread!

Posts: 520
Joined: May 2011

Sorry for the Loss of Your Friend. We celebrated our neighbors 75th birthday who two years ago was diagnosed with bone cancer. His brother-in-law who turned 65 a few days before was diagnosed with colon cancer one year ago and I was diagnosed at age 59 with colon cancer one year ago and we all are so Thankful to be alive and NED at this time. We celebrate Thanksgiving with you and celebrate being here and to be able to communicate our good fortune to provide Hope for those who are in treatment.
Prayers for all of us,

pepebcn's picture
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Joined: Aug 2010

But try to concentrate in family and the friend who are with you this days !
Hope you got a beautiful day!
Love you!

Annabelle41415's picture
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Joined: Feb 2009

Happy Thanksgiving. Sounds like you had a great time. You eat all the same things we do. Sure sounds nummy.


Sundanceh's picture
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Joined: Jun 2009

Hey Maggie

Sounds wonderful:)

I'm sorry about the passing of your friend. Difficult at best. But glad you were able to celebrate despite the tragedy and enjoy the company of your other company.

It's hard to imagine Thanksgiving in Texas the first week of October. Temps have still been in the upper 80's and just won't quite give way. Nights are getting better there to get out and move around though. Hope is finally coming to our drought ridden state.

Last night and today, we are finally seeing some of that thing they call rain - it is nice and steady - that easy going sort of rain. We sure needed it.

The best to you!


alexinlv's picture
Posts: 194
Joined: Jul 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! It's our favorite holidays in my family. I'm looking forward to it this year.
So sorry about your neighbor!

Enjoy the leftovers!

westie66's picture
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Joined: Jun 2010

Hi: We had our thanksgiving dinner yesterday with friends (my family lives out west so I couldn't get together with them). Traditional dinner - fresh turkey (not frozen), sweet potatoes, regular white mashed potatoes, cauliflower with cheese sauce, green beans, cranberry sauce, wonderful stuffing - seems to me it was bread cubes, rice, cranberries, pecans?, then both pumpkin pie and pecan pie for dessert. Of course white wine! We ate for hours - started out by the pool as it was almost 80 during the day (about 25C), then moved inside for the real event.
Brussels sprouts and turnip are pretty traditional, too. There is a difference between what is served in western Canada, central-eastern Canada, the Maritimes, and Quebec, so it gets confusing! But turkey reigns!

maglets's picture
Posts: 2596
Joined: Jun 2006

yes fresh turkey makes a huge difference....there seems to be a fad for deep frying your bird but I have to say that does not appeal to me

Cheryl I have to tell you my table story.....my dining room seats 8 so like lots of families you drag in the extra tables and just join them on. This year i decided to paint my extra tables in bright cheery high gloss turquoise and all the chairs in yellow.....it was all sooooo pretty with yellow flowers and napkins.....except.......

when 20 guests sat down it was apparent that the paint was not cured and all the linens and wine glasses and guests elbows were sticking to the table.....thank goodness the chairs were nicely dry or my guests might have walked.....hahaha lesson learned.....we did have fun


westie66's picture
Posts: 642
Joined: Jun 2010

Gorgeous but hilarious!

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