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Wish me luck.....

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Please send good vibes, prayers or whatever you got. Tomorrow I'm having lung surgery to remove some nodules and tissue for a biopsy. Will have a 5-7 day hospital stay. My lung will be deflated and my doctor stated that recovery will be a little painful but I'm ready!!:) I will try to report my recovery/ results if possible but will be thinking of you guys and missing you while in the hospital-Melissa

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sending all the very best......good good wishes.....

mags.....holding you tightly

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Joined: Dec 2009

I need them!:)

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Best vibes and prayers and anything else I can come up with that things go well for you with your surgery and you have an easier recovery than your doc ever dreamed of.


Marie who loves kitties

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My prayers and thoughts are with you. Lisa

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Sending good vibes and prayers.
Wishing you a fast and speedy recovery.
Take care,

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My prayers are with you. Praying for good results.

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Wishing you the best - glad you are getting your biopsy through a surgical procedure instead of by a needle biopsy...we talked about that.

You know I've been through a couple of these lung surgeries in my time with the DaVinci robot and the standard open thoracotomy. Yours sounds like it will be a little less invasive and I'm glad for that.

They will have you up walking and that will help your oxygen saturation level - you want to get it into the high 90's and walking will help expand your lung back to its normal size. Just go slow and build steadily, it's not a race:)

You'll probably have a chest tube attached to you as well, it's a big tube that attaches to a suitcase of sorts that holds the drainage coming out of the lung. They will be measuring the output to see when they can pull it. And when they do, tell them to count to 3.....you know 1-2-3 and then hold your breath while they yank it out quick. It hurts a little but not as much.

Coughing and sneezing will be an 'attention getter' but there's nothing I know but try and hold your insides in if you can during that.

The good news is that the biopsy is going to tell you what you need to know - at least you won't have to guess anymore.

I'll be understandably curious until I hear from you again. We'll talk more after you find out what you're gonna' find out. I've had 7-wedge resections of the lung, my chest cavity scraped, and two ribs removed and another 10% of my lung radiated, so I know what it takes to get through those type of things if you have to deal with any of it.

Just the very best of luck to you, Melissa. The Rock sends all his muscle and backbone to you to help you get through it, but you don't need me - you will be ok and we'll take it from there.


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All the best to you on this proceedure. Keep us posted when you can. Take care of yourself and take it easy. Sounds like Craig gave you some solid advice from his experiences. Stay well Leena.

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Hi Melissa, I'll be sending a few prayers your way dear, best wishes for a successful surgery. Cynthia

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after the fear of having it done is over when you wake up it will be recoup time...they will want you to cough up all that you can to clear the lungs. They will bring in a spagmometer ? to make you breathe to get the oxygen diffusion up to at least 90%. Its not as hard as you think. The pain meds will work wonders for you and actually, its not as bad as it sounds...the first couple of days are a little tough but after that its simply something to get through...at least you will be able to walk with ease and do minor things but give your self time to heal....the chest tube thing...doesn't hurt, just a kind of odd feeling as you can feel it coming out...its weird...you will do fine, I know you will. Remember, youth does have its advantages, especially healing......love to you young lady and Godspeed healing...Clift

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My thoughts and prayers will be with you!

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I will send you good vibes,Good wishes, prayers,and warm fuzzies.Get well quickly.

Fight for my love
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Prayers are on the way.Hope all your procedures go smoothly and well,and a speedy recovery.Best luck with it.

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i know that you do not know me but you are DEFINITELY in my prayers and thoughts. you hang in there and stay strong. your friend, barb

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you and your family good vibes and hugs.let us know how you are doing when you can....Godbless...johnnybegood

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I will be praying for a successful surgery and quick recovery. We will be waiting to hear from you. Sending you big hugs!


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Wishing you all the best and keeping you in my prayers. Take care.


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Every good vibe I've got, I'm sending your way.
You'll be fine, looking forward to hearing from you.
Winter Marie

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i hope it goes well

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Mustering up a bunch of good vibes and healing thoughts for you. Take care and report in when you can.



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Dear Melissa,

Best wishes to you!

Hugs Dora

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Thinking of and praying for you for the surgery... check in with us as soon as you're able so we don't worry too much!

Gentle hugs,

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you will be getting ready for your surgery....it will be ok, and the nasty stuff is coming out. thats the good part. it will be over very soon and then its just healing. remember sweetie, your not alone in this...we're right here waiting to hear back from your success story....love to you from all of us here........ :)

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Hugs Melissa!

Posts: 188
Joined: Apr 2011

Good vibes sent to you. Hopes and Prayers too!!! Kim

Posts: 1736
Joined: Jul 2007

Keeping you in my prayers...


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Joined: Aug 2008

she should be resting well tonight and hopefully she will be back here in a couple of days...praying for the best result........sleep tight..........buzz

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Hi Melissa...I wish you so much well wishes and good vibes, prayers and all the good stuff! Have a smooth speedy recovery girl!

love, gail

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Joined: Aug 2008

this for me was hump day...started getting better between the 2nd and 3rd day (even without pain meds) and the tube came out the 3rd day as well...She should be feeling a lot better today and thats good.....Can't wait to hear from her....I wish you well sweetheart......buzz

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