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Need prayers, good vibes, vodoo, hodoo...



  • Sonia32
    Sonia32 Member Posts: 1,071
    dorookie said:

    Be strong
    I will keep you in my prayers, be strong and keep the faith...


    Awww Beth
    thank you as always big hugss. Hope you and Wendy are well. And all your latest tests etc went well. Miss you on the board, same goes for you Karguy
  • Sonia32
    Sonia32 Member Posts: 1,071

    ok hun
    i'm sending right now best of luck hugs Tina

    Thank you Tina
    Hugsss, need all I can get.
  • sasjourney
    sasjourney Member Posts: 395
    Praying for a great scan!

    Good luck on Monday...it will be fine...don't think any other way. Saying prayers for you.

  • Fight for my love
    Fight for my love Member Posts: 1,522
    Sonia,you are in my
    Sonia,you are in my prayers.Hope for the cleanest scan for you.Take care.
  • Buzzard
    Buzzard Member Posts: 3,043

    Sonia,you are in my
    Sonia,you are in my prayers.Hope for the cleanest scan for you.Take care.

    Sonia...you know all will be ok.....
    It will be fine and all over in the morning...I will keep you in prayers for clear scan....Love to you sweetheart.......buzz
  • abmb
    abmb Member Posts: 311
    thoughts & Prayers
    My thoughts and Prayers will be with you tomorrow. Go in Positive! Take care. Margaret
  • abmb
    abmb Member Posts: 311
    lisa42 said:

    Hi Sonia,

    You know I'm praying for you! My scan is Thursday & who knows what that might show- I'd appreciate prayers too. I'm still working on the skype thing- maybe I can figure it out.
    We'll talk somehow!
    Your mum would want your happiness & I know you had a rough time when you were married. Allow yourself forgiveness- it's okay and you will move on in life. Don't be so hard on yourself, my friend.

    Hugs to you,

    Lisa my thoughts & Prayers
    Lisa,my thoughts & Prayers will be with you, too this week. Try to stay positive and take care. Margaret
  • herdizziness
    herdizziness Member Posts: 3,624
    Was just thinking
    I was just thinking that tomorrow is Monday and was your scan day, I just wanted to send you all the good vibes I can. I'm sure you'll find everything is fine.
    Winter Marie
  • tootsie1
    tootsie1 Member Posts: 5,036
    You'll be FINE!!!
    I'm praying for you, Sonia! I just know you're going to be clear!