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Remission. How many out there?

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Nana b
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I was asked the other day why I still hang with those that still have a cancer. Well, without a pause, I said because I want to be here for them and I care. And..., I may be back....who knows!

So with that said, how many folks here are in remission and how long? I will start first

DX Nov 2008, stage IV
Colorectal Surgery Nov 2008
3 months folfox
Liver resection, April 2009
NED since Liver resection
3 months months mop up chemo
Hernia Repair, February 2010

Today, I take many supplements, and try and stay away from Red Meat, white bread, white rice, alcohol, and sweets. In other words , I stay aware that they are not good for me. I eat lots of berries, greens and salads. (this isn't a suggestion, just what I do).

What I would change and what I should change... not have cancer! Exercise more!! Duh, they go hand in hand, better get on that treadmill!

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I am not in remission but I have a quick question for you. How is exercise going after your hernia repair? I haven't been able to exercise like before due to my hernias and I am wondering how you are doing with exercising after the repair. I'm thinking that I might have to start very slowly with any core strenthening exercises in order to not cause another hernia?

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Nana b
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I do the treadmill and stretching exercises. I also dance for about an hour with or without my granddaughter. Lol I also massage all my scars daily. When I get in bed and out of bed. Just rub, rub, rub! I have never been a sit up person. I do lift the shoulders off the ground for a semi situp. More of a side to side stretching. To answer your question. I am doing fine, but do get sore when using a differt muscle. Take it slow.

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is a rather effective stomach move (keeping torso straight,belly tight, support body by forearms and toes and hold position as long as possible-google it for examples and variations)Need to get back to this myself......Study after study have concluded that exercise is extremely important in our situations....

** just a footnote to the conversation

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I'm free to do anything - there is mesh in there holding me together. I had to build up slowly, but am free to do anything now. Hernia repair was in June, 2010. Prior to the repair, I could still do most anything, but I had to wear support garments. I still like support garments, for my mental and physical comfort, but we're not worried about the hernia any more.

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Dx: 4/2007 Metastatic Appendiceal Cancer
Colon resection, 7/2007
NED since colon resection
IP Chemo: 7/2007-11/2007
"Adjuvant" chemo (Folfox plus Avastin) 1/2008 - 4/2008
Hernia repair: 6/2010

Feeling great. Trying to live a healthier lifestyle, but ...

I'm here because I hope that I can help others going through similar stuff.

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Dx: 07/2009 colon cancer mets to liver stage IV
colon resection 07/2009
theraspheres 02/2010
liver resection 04/2010
NED since liver resection
having port removed next friday 2/25/2011

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Recurrence July 2010 on liver and some lymph nodes , chemo and radio until December , Pet and scans show a total remission but not NED yet!.
StdBy. now as they don't want to operate blindly !.

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Nana b
Posts: 3045
Joined: May 2009


I don't think I knew that you had a recurrence?? Great on the Scans!

There has to be more in remission? I know the long termers are on the other board but thought we had more here.

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Diagnosed in 11/09
Surgery in 12/09
Seven rounds of FOLFOX and 5 without Oxi.
I think I've been NED of CRC since after surgery 12/09
It came from THE man that I was officially in remission of CRC 7/10.
Hysterectomy 8/10 for cervical cancer (Docs think a carryover from CRC)

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in remission in case I jinx myself, hate cancer.

Next scan 14th March
In remission since March 2009 (if you count after surgery) or after final chemo Dec 2009
Stage 3, 10/11 lymph nodes infected
Still here because I love everyone, your all my second family and I wamt to help if I can.
Take vitamins, try and eat healthy, and exercise when I can.

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I am with Sonia and I am not using the R word.

Diagnosed 12-2-08, Stage IIIB

Colon Resection Surgery 12-5-08

12 Folfox chemos

I just joined a gym and have been using the treadmill, need to get my self back in shape.

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I'm so happy for all of you :)I'll be joining you soon I hope!


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Nana b
Posts: 3045
Joined: May 2009

Yes, you will!!!!

Posts: 453
Joined: Aug 2008

Dx October 2007 Stage IV
Colon resection and left ovary removed October 2007
6 months folfox + Avastin
November 2008 right ovary removed
Diet changes and supplements since diagnosis
NED since

As Nana b said....need to add exercise!!


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DX Feb 2010 Stage 4
Colon Resection March 2010
Liver Resection August 2010
Finished 12 rounds of chemo and as of CT scan results from last week my oncologist feels that I am cancer free. Although they did see two small things on my lungs one 3mm and the other 5mm but he said that is just tiny and NO way of knowing what they are. He said they could be nothing at all but now he knows they are there and he will watch them like a hawk.

Colonoscopy next week with blood work in 4 weeks to check the CEA number currently 2.6 but it was down to 1.5 about 4 months ago. Again he said this was still a good number and within the normal range. Said he would worry if it goes above 3.5 if it does not then CT in three months.

Now I have a very small hernia from the liver surgery but that can wait as I am sick on being around doctors as I am sure we all are.

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Nana b
Posts: 3045
Joined: May 2009

Hi! Is that a question Colon? I'm sure all will be well on your colonoscopy and blood work!

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surgery 7/15/08....................clear until August 2010 then surgery for a lung met removed 09/07/10.......Went from Stage 2 to Stage 4 with the lung met.......Long as I don't go to stage 5 all will be well...............buzz

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Nana b
Posts: 3045
Joined: May 2009

Yes, ut will Buzz!!

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Let's hope to get us all back to stage 0 and clear of this cancer...

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You have been on the stage for far long enough!!!! You need an Tony for all of your time!!!!

BIG hugs, Kathi

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My Dr saids the same thing about the CEA levels so you are still good.

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hello all, last round of chemo next month for stage 3b. Doing well, ct then colonoscopy that will be the next big step. Hoping to go away beginning of may.
Only thing that worries me is cea 4, but they stay that is in the range and are not worried at all. So good to read all the good posts.

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Hi, In 2009 I was told that I had colorectal cancer stage 3 cat b. So in March 2009 had surgery they removed the tumor, had an ilescotmy(sp) bag until Jan 2010. I also had a feeding tube for about 3 to 4 months last years. I had the radiation and chemo. Couldnt finish all the chemo because I had alot of issues with it. Had numerous surgeries where they removed parts of my colon due to the radiation. I had a surgery back in March 2010 where the surgeron reconnected my colon a different way because I was throwing up alot. I couldnt hardly eat and drink. Sorry but cant remember the name of the surgery. :). Still have been in and out of the hospital since all this began, plus numerous trips to the ER. I also had C diff this yr and last yr. So far this month only had 1 incident of it. I went down to 69 lbs currently at 87lbs. I try to eat fish, chicken and nothing really fried in oil. Been trying to stay everything oven baked etc. Since all this I have been wearing diapers since Jan 2010 due to my bowels not being able to be controlled. I wear them 24 hrs 7 days straight. I am remaining positive. I was wondering what kind of berries do you eat? Can you email me some more information on what receipes you pretty much follow?.

Its been chanllenging(sp) to change the eating habits etc. I am doing better about it now.

Thank you Barbara

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Nana b
Posts: 3045
Joined: May 2009

All the berries are antioxidants. Raspberry, blueberries and cranberries being the best. Either fresh or frozen.
I alsobfollow the anti cancer book. I think while adding these berries. I cook greem and sauté onions and garlic. I eat cooked tomatoes. No beef.

I stick with salads, avoid white, and stay away from most sugar, sodas, and juice cocktails. I drink water, green, Ginger and jasmine tea.

This det may not be for you. I do not have bowel problems or surgeries. It would seem that you need to add sone weight.
I would recommendva naturpath to help you individually

All the best, Raquel.

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Posts: 145
Joined: Sep 2010

Thanks Raquel for the information. I appreciated it. I will research a naturpath here where I live. Regarding my weight, I drink the Booast(sp) in the mornings. But I have to make sure I am home because it doesnt stay very long in me. I can honestly say the last few weeks I finally feel better about myself. I drink alot of water and gatorade. I even eat ice cream, shakes, malts. A dr even suggest for me to drink a beer or 2 because that would add calories. I do eat rice but I have heard to eat white rice and then I hear no to eat brown rice. I also eat bannanas as much as possible. The juices I have to take slow. I find its basically trial and error when it comes to eatting food and drinking liquids.

Thanks again. It is nice to come to a site where you find ppl that have went thru the same thing or almost the same thing.



I have been looking for some good receipes for chicken, fish, salmon.

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Hi Barbara,

Send me a private message with guidelines of ingredients you love and anything you hate or avoid eating and I will write you a few healthy/easy/tasty recipes back for chicken, fish and salmon :)


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I don't say remission either...but NED

DX'd 10/22/08 Stage 3 rectal cancer
Surgery 2/4/09
More chemo through July 09
Surgery to remove damaged colon section that didn't heal August 09
Clear scan, but damaged colon, anus, etc
Complete colostomy 11/11/09
NED April 2010
Port removed
Declared 'finished' by my oncologist and my GI Sept 25, 2010. They both said if it comes back now, it's gotta be a new cancer. We'll see. This was my 3rd cancer (uterine and cervical, two separate primaries, both in 1994)
Clear colonoscopy Nov 2010
Next CT scan, September 2011

Now battling sever osteoarthritis in my hips, from radiation damage.

Living life to it's fullest!

Many hugs, Vicki

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Dx 11/2004 stage III rectal cancer.
Chemo/rads pre-surgery. Oxiliplatin and 5FU.
J-pouch surgery, removal of rectum and sigmoid colon, with total hysterectomy 5/2005

Dx 8/2005 stage II breast cancer. Second primary site.
Lumpectomy, chemo/rads.
Last rad 7/03/2006.

Total small bowel obstruction 8/2005, and surgery for, 2 weeks after lumpectomy. 8 more for the next year I cleared myself.

Remission on both since.

I am lactose intollerant from the chemo. Rads damage my heart (bc) and left hip (crc). Osteoporotic, taking Actonel and calcium to reverse.

I avoid dairy products, but 'sin' occasionally...it's hard on the toilet after...lol! I have cut back on my red meat. I always ate fresh fruits and vegies, so that hasn't changed.

My life has changed completely. I am now semi-retired, living in 2 countries. In The Netherlands, we bike alot, and walk daily. In America, we walk daily, but don't bike as much.

I see each day as a gift, given that I was told I had 6 months to live, 6 years ago. I live life to the full extent, keeping in mind that my 'someday' is now. I find something every day to laugh or be happy about. Some days are harder than others...but I laugh frequently. I always say "I cannot do anything normally. Everything is always an adventure!" (My recent experience at the airport when they threatened to deport me.....lol!)

I try (not always sucessfully) to be kind to people. I do stand up for myself more now than I did. Cancer taught me that in the final analysis, I stand alone. And so, I like myself alot more...

Hugs, Kathi

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Kathi your story is wonderful and an inspiration to us all. By the way I love the Netherlands as when I was living in Germany it was so nice to be able to get away on the weekends to other countries. I watched a program called international house hunters the other night and it was about a couple who moved over there and bought a house boat. It's really crazy how nice they can make one of those tiny boats look. Then again it's amazing how nice they can make a trailer look,lol. But again I am so happy for you that you are doing amazingly well. May you continue to win your battle with cancer and have a nice beer for me as American beer just does not compare.

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Nana b
Posts: 3045
Joined: May 2009

Love it Kathi. Well said!!

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DX 4-09 IIIC with 5/15 LN
Surgery 4-09
6 months Folfox with oxy 12 rounds
Clear scans in Dec '09 & take down Dec '09
Clear scan in June '10
Clear scan in Dec '10
Clear colonoscopy Dec '10
Next colonoscopy Dec '12 , Next scan June '11

Take D3, Low Dose asprin, fish oil, multi-vitamins , no red meat
Paddle a lot

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I am so glad you started this discussion. The very positive answers are so encouraging. May God bless us all! Thank you for making my day with all of these survivor stories! :)

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I found out I had rectal cancer Dec. 17 2008 started treatment the middle of Jan
2009 had chemo 5-FU 25 five treatments I wear it for 5 days and 2 days off had
radiations 25 treatments Had surgery March 26 2009. The radiations treatments
damaged my small blow had two have to more surgery one in April 26 2010 the other
this year Jan. I was in the hospital for one month I have been in remission for
1 year 11 months. [I have a colostomy.]

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Colon cancer, stage 1, diagnosed 11/21/07. NED since colon resection 11/23/07. I KNOW I'm blessed.


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Thanks for starting this thread- reading about people who have beat the cancer odds and are doing well (especially any stage IV people), gives me great hope and inspiration!!

Hugs to all,

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Everyone for sharing your inspiring and encouraging personal stories. Buzz you are not going to stage V, you still have too much to offer this world as do the others. I am so grateful to have found this group, thank God every day for it. Am heading to Mayo at the end of the week for pre-op tests, next week meet with the surgeon once more and hope to have the first of 2 liver resections the week of March 7. If anyone cares to share their story about resection and what to expect, type away! Thank you all so very much for being here. Love and hugs, Joyce

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Great thread! I am still around I still post, now and again. I have still have side effects from Chemo 3 surgeries last year alone. 1 surgery this year so far looks like I will have one more at least on my lower back. I had Duke C Carcinoma, Grapefruit sized tumor removed from colon, with 16 of the 32 lymphnodes positive. I had a right hemi-colectomy and had about 16 months of chemo. I had 5fu and leucovourine for 4 months about until system shut down then they switched to this cocktail concoction. And I was in the hospital more than I was home. My mom would not come see me in the hospital because I was always in the fetal position and my kidneys and liver were always failing and she new I was going to be gone, she couldn't stand the thought of remembering me that way, and I am the same way, I want to remember everyone at there best, because I have seen them at there weak moments as they struggle and show their integrity which makes their shining moments only brighter, it shows who they really are. Sorry I had a ramble session there anyway life is good, still have crap to deal with whethor you are healthy or not you still have to plow thru the best way we know how, head up, making the best choices, using all the information thrown at us the best we can, and hell no I am not sliding in to home plate anywhere, you'll find me flying!!! I'll be watching from above! love you guys!
Cass(goofytladie) Keep dancing! It's good for the soul and the butt!lol

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Cass, it is good to see you here; I have missed you! Please come back again soon.

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GREAT to 'see' you, dearheart!!!

Dutch hugs, Kathi

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Diagnosed IIIB December 08
Surgery and 6mo chemo
Recurrence in lung January 2010, although it was likely there from the beginning (tiny spot in first scan, no one thought it was cancer, but it grew... )
Surgery March 2010
No chemo - herbal suuplements and other natural, healthy treatments (we went this route since the chemo was so hard for him, and the cancer grew anyway. Had chemosensitivity testing and he showed resistant to Folfox and Folfuri anyway. Like Nana, not a suggestion, just the choice that was right for us)
So far so good. 3 clear scans, the last one in December.

Posts: 69
Joined: Jan 2011

I was
dx July 2008 Stage 4
Mets to liver
surgery to remove cncer in colon
10 rounds Folfox/Avastin
colon resection Feb 2009
NED since Dec. 2008 I did not need liver surgery as chemo caused the tumor to disappear

Exercise- 3hrs/day
Diet- no red meat, lots of fruit/vegetables/whole grains, green tea, tumeric
Supplements- asprin, resviratrol, Co-Q10, Vit. D3, fish oil, multi-vitamin
Everything has been good so far except I still have some numbness in my feet from the chemo. Does anyone else have that problem and has anyone else had it last for two years and then go away?

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I live in England, and don't know if this helps you. I was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer in 2007, it had gone to one of the lymph nodes. I had keyhole surgery and 6 months chemo with oxilaplatin and 5Fu. I also had polio of right leg as a baby and was badly affected by the chemo and became bedridden within 5 months, needing crutches for the last 3 years. However, due to a desperate attempt to avoid a wheelchair I made a last ditch attempt to improve things and now see a private physiotherapist who does deep tissue massage. It's been miraculous - since going to her weekly from the end of Nov 2010 I have been able to do without the crutches, she has massaged the muscles which stick due to the chemo. She has even improved the mobility and stability of my polio leg after 61 years! The neuropathy in my fingers has gone completely and my 'good' left leg is losing the foot neuropathy, its taken a long time but yes, it can still improve after a few years if you keep at it. Funnily enough, if I had not been diagnosed with cancer and had the chemo I would never have found this excellent physio. and improved my mobility generally. Good luck. I try to swim and do exercises 5 times a week, can't run or anything else but it all helps.

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Nana b
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Randy,supreme greens help me. I buy the Trader Joes Brand, try it for a couple months! It may work for you. Tastes good.

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I'm currently NED.

I was diagnosed in August 2009 after a tumor was found in a colonoscopy.
I had a colon resection in August 2009. 3 lymph nodes had cancer cells. Stage IIIb.
12 Folfox treatments from September 2009 through the beginning of April 2010.
Since then all scans and labs have been clear. Colonoscopy in July 2010 found nothing.

At my appointment with the oncologist this week he told me all labs were normal and CEA undetectable.

I don't take anything for granted since I know anything can happen in the future. I appreciate every day that I am healthy.

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Dx November 08
Stage 3
oral chemo and radiation
resection feb 09
Folfox chemo 9 treatments
Illeeostomy reversal Sept 09
Hernia repair dec 09
Ct scans have been clear since, as well as colonsoscopys( having one again tomorrow)

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Nana b
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Those NED any special diet? Supplements? Eliminated any obvious stressors, you had prior to cancer? Or, have you done nothing, no canges in your life?

Fight for my love
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My husband was dx May 2009,stage 2A;Preoperative radidation and chemo,then surgery in Sep 2009;adjuvant chemo folfox for 12 rounds.Clear scan Sep 2010,all the follow-up has been going well,still on 3-month check up schedule.

My husband takes asprin,fish oil,calcium and vitamin D.He doesn't follow a very specific diet,but he does eat a much healthier diet than before,and I do watch what he eats and cook food in my chinese way.I am happy he is NED,and hope he stays NED forever.

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I'm so pleased that you're doing so well. I had less of a problem --- only stage 2 --- but I am NED for 5+ years. I am careful of my diet and I exercise, but I don't think these things have much to do with the probability of recurrence. May as well cross your fingers (I do that, too). So, good luck to you (and to me).


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