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Hi folk's, first off my y-90 treatment went off well. Just makes me tired, they say 4-6 weeks. I will be in for follow up and rescan in 2-3 months. I do feel good. I have a questionn on medicare. January 1st I will start medicare, I will have A& B. I was wondering what other sups do I get so I do not lose on the ground I have gained in the last 3 yrs. Thanks     Tom


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    Hi Tom!

    Happy to hear that all went well with the Y90 procedure.  Just take it easy and rest when the body tells you to.

    I can't help with Medicare, but I will be watching for answers, as this is on the horizon for myself, as well. 


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    Thanks Tru

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    Medicare supplement

    Hi Tom

    Not an expert, not a sales person, but I started medicare last year.

    **This is not to be confused with professional advice.**

    Part G Medicare supplemental..... This covers costs not captured by part A and B as long as services are Medicare approved. AARP/United Health Care has a plan G and the only thing it doesn't cover is the part B deductible (approx $200/yr). Otherwise the only cost is the premiums which is comparable for the payment for part B. 

    I believe all plan G policies offer the same coverage. It is extremely important to sign up in your first eligible year in order to be accepted automatically. 

    You may (probably) also want a part D which is prescription coverage. There are several options for those which lay out what you would pay for each class of prescription. i got mine through Caremark.

    So Medicare A,B,G and D is a nice choice for comprehensive coverage.
    There are many services out there that can review these various plans with you so you can make the best choice for your specific needs. it would not surprise me if you started to receive calls now that you're eligibility is approaching.

     So happy to hear your treatment went well and you are feeling good!


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    Thanks for the info

    Thanks for your help SK686. I'm working with a lady now at the aging center where I live, HA! aging center. I have another month to go for the enrollment period. I'm sure everything will turn out fine. Always looking for seasoned vets with this stuff. Thanks again.

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    My transition was easy, I had

    My transition was easy, I had Kaiser so I got Kaiser Senior Supplemental. Good coverage here in Cali, and I keep my doctors. Other sources can rate the coverages, joining AARP was helpful for information. Having a yearly out-of-pocket max. is useful because you're responsible, with regular Medicare for 20% of cost in part B, which includes things like chemo. 20% of very expensive chemo can be quite a lot, so I'd pay attention to that catagory of costs with the supplemental.......................................Dave 

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    Thanks Dave.

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    Off topic but so glad your Y

    Off topic but so glad your Y-90 went well!!!

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    Thank you Dan.