Happy Birthday Kazenmax

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I hope you have an incredible birthday, filled with love and lots of wonderful foodie treats, friends, family. All the good thing in life. 



  • suzycruise76
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    Happy Birthday,

    Happy Birthday and all the best,


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    Happy Birthday

    Best wishes for a happy day!

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    Happy Happy Birthday!

    Hope you had a great day of love and joy!

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    You a very happy birthday and a wonderful year. 

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    Happy Birthday to you!!!!

    Happy Birthday to you!!!!

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    Happy Birthday K, hope you

    Happy Birthday K, hope you celebrated all the way to now..........................................Dave

  • Kazenmax
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    Thank you all

    Five years ago I didnt think I would still be here! I am NED and that's a wonderful thing!

    I've been off the board for a while. I continue to struggle with a vaginal fistula And this has me down. 3 repair attempts and i still bleed every day. Very frustrating but I can deal with that. As I understand it, radiation caused fistula is very hard to heal, sometimes never. Small price to pay.

    Thanks again! Made my day to see this!