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News is good

donna_lee Member Posts: 1,018

After nearly a month of check-ups, tests, etc. with various doctors, I think I can breathe freely for at least another 6 months or more.

Nephrologist-Check: The one kidney is hanging in there at Stage 3B and is stable.  Don't have to go back for 6 months, instead of every 4 mo.

Eyes-Check; new Rx for near vision so I'm adjusting to that plus the correction for astigmatism.

Dental-Check: Clean teeth and no cavities.  "Look Ma!"

CT for Oncology-Check: got a sneak preview of the results when I saw my internist this morning.  Nothing remarkable seen on the exam.  Hooray!  Follow up next week with Onc. Nurse to get copy of the report.

Next up-visit Onc:  for 6 month check up and discussion.

The first of July, our local hospital and the two major clinics went to a new and integrated computer system, so those Dr.'s can see what tests and exams are being done by the other facilities.  Prior, if you went to the Mammography Center (Part of the Hospital), they would send the results to your internist, but not your oncologist (who was in a branch of the hospital0

So I guess a mild celebration is in order.  But I'll be even happier if my grandaughter's HS Volleyball team wins a few more matches.  They have one league game to play, and are 2nd in league, only because Covid delayed an ealier scheduled game for the other team.  But they are still #2 ranked in the state in their classification.  Last year, we didn't even get to watch her play-no fans allowed, even players had to mask up, and matches were only played with schools that fielded teams for a 6 week season in Mar-Apr of 2021.

Happy Halloween to all, 

and do't eat too much candy.



  • tgpath1
    tgpath1 Member Posts: 55 **
    Great news!

    congratulations!! That is all great news and reason to celebrate!!  Good luck to your granddaughter and her team!!  I hope you get to keep the good news going!!

  • Mmoses25
    Mmoses25 Member Posts: 162 **
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    Hoo ray

    Congratulations I'm so happy for you your ready to go out dancing now lol 

  • Deanie0916
    Deanie0916 Member Posts: 432 **
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    Donna Congratulations!

    Very great news! Happy Halloween to you!

  • AliceB1950
    AliceB1950 Member Posts: 132 **
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    Yay! Maybe have a little

    Yay! Maybe have a little extra candy to celebrate.

  • Scottie22
    Scottie22 Member Posts: 86

    Happy to hear your news! Happy Halloween and Thanksgiving just around the corner.

  • Bay Area Guy
    Bay Area Guy Member Posts: 522 **
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    Good deal Donna.  My big

    Good deal Donna.  My big months are December and January.

    December is my first appointment with the Stanford Survivorship program.  The next afternoon, I get to spend four hours to see if I'm a candidate for a cochlear implant (or two).  Not sure I'm anxious to get cut again, but my ENT thinks it would be a good idea to at least see if my hearing qualifies me to get it (according to both her and my audiologist, my hearing sucks enough to qualify).  January sees a dental appointment and my annual eye checkup.  Tried contacts a couple of years ago, and couldn't handle them.  I have progressive lenses and when that translates to contacts, it apparently means only certain kinds of lenses can be used and I simply could not get the damn things in.  LOL.  Oh well.  Been wearing glasses for 63 out of my 66 years, so it's no big deal.  

  • stub1969
    stub1969 Member Posts: 935 **
    Checked just about everything!

    Kidney's, eyes, dental--looks like most everything is working as it should, Donna.  Enjoy the fall out West.  It's starting to really cool off here in the midwest.




  • stub1969
    stub1969 Member Posts: 935 **
    Amazed with medical advancement

    I know cochlear implants have been around a while, but it still doesn't stop me from being amazed at the advancements in science and the medical world.  It's a little early, but I'll wish you good luck, Bay.  I hope everything works out perfectly!


  • eug91
    eug91 Member Posts: 340 **

    (Mild) Congrats, Donna! 

    As for the don't eat too much candy thing, it's too late for me. My heart is basically pumping chocolate through my bloodstream for the next month... 

  • donna_lee
    donna_lee Member Posts: 1,018
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    And I think Covid-19 refers to the number of pounds put on since the whole thing started.  And the fact that I take snacks to the VB matches.  "our team" is tied for 1st in league but ranked #1 so gets home court advantage this Saturday for the Play-in to the top 4 at state.

    Have a good week.


  • Allochka
    Allochka Member Posts: 974
    Lovely news, Donna! And good

    Lovely news, Donna! And good luch to your granddaughter, wish her a spectacular victory! :-)

  • daisybud
    daisybud Member Posts: 521 **

    Great news!

  • Lynn_65
    Lynn_65 Member Posts: 20
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    Congrats, Donna

    Such good news, you deserve to celebrate!