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New here. Diagnosed August 2.

Sketcher Member Posts: 1

Had CT scan for kidney stones and found a soft tissue mass too. MRI diagnosed Renal cell carcinoma. Now had 24 hr UA and blood work. And will see urologist mid November. Appears that this is real slow growing as the doctor found a CT scan from 7 years ago and was able to see it. 
Waiting is very annoying and locally because of covid filling up the hospital there are no elective surgery! So, waiting. The worry about pain from surgery is bad. I have several medical issues and now this too. im finding good information on CSN and feel it's up to date and reliable. I'm 70 in November so hopefully I can get surgery before I'm high risk!

Just checking in, thanks. 


  • tgpath1
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    Welcome!! sorry you have to

    Welcome!! sorry you have to be here with us but it's a great support group.  Praying that your urologist gives you good news!!

  • Deanie0916
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    Hi Sketcher

    Welcome you'll find a lot of good knowledge and support from this group. I find waiting for results and doctor appointments to be the one of the hardest parts of this journey. Prayers and good wishes for all you are going through.

  • icemantoo
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    You are not too old for surgery

    I had my nNeph at a young 59. Had 2 aditipnal sutgeries when I was 76, 2 years ago. Prostate and Gallbladder. You should be fine.






  • AliceB1950
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    I had a nephrectomy when I

    I had a nephrectomy when I was 68. They're not fun, but not nearly as bad as you might think. One night in the hospital and then back home.

  • val11
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    New...getting ready for surgery

    I went in to the ER 2 weeks ago after peeing blood and left side pain.  I had a kidney stone about 15 years ago and I was fairly sure that's what it was.  The ER doc ordered a CT of the abdomen to be sure the stone would pass and that there was no blockage, etc.  They found a 13.2 x 10.3 x 15.1 cm mass on the kidney.  Throughout my life I've always had great blood pressure.  A couple years ago I suddenly developed high blood pressure and have been on medication....pretty sure this was the cause.  I've been really fortunate to get in quickly to see an oncologist and a urologist that specializes in kidney cancer.  Both doctors tell me that the tumor seems encapsulated and it doesn't appear that there is any spread.  I am scheduled to have a nephrectomy on October 29th...5 days from now.  The urologist is planning to remove the kidney and tumor laparoscopically; however, he told me to expect a good sized incision based on the size of the tumor.  I've been reading as much as I can about the procedure, recovery time and expectations for the future.  My biggest fear is that it will come back.  I've had a CT with and without contrast of the chest and that seems to be clear.  I just had another CT of the abdomen with and without contrast as the first one was only without.  Supposed to get the results of that scan tomorrow.  I'm staying calm most of the time but I'm worried.  I haven't really felt quite right for the last year or so...low energy, stomach a bit off.  I'm hoping that if this procedure goes well I might feel like my old self again.  I'm 59...I was thinking that feeling crappy was just a sign of getting old.  I'd welcome advice from anyone who has gone through this.... 

  • Mmoses25
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    Val well if it hadn't spread that's a good thing stay off of google because most that information is old news.you can start your own feed so more people see it you will do fine with surgery after surgery walk as soon as you can let us know how it goes as soon as you can you will find a lot of great people with a lot of good Advice on here good luck with your surgery 

  • tgpath1
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    Your story is similar to mine

    Except that I was 50 when I was diagnosed.  Very scary but I'm seven months out and feeling great.  Mine was laproscopic and there were four incisions with the lower abdomen being the largest.  The three smaller ones are barely noticeable now but even the larger one is not bothersome.  The recovery time will vary for everyone but the two things I wish I had been prepared for were 1) standing for a long time was tough so I wish I had gotten a shower chair for the first week or two and 2) sleeping is uncomfortable...it took me over a week to be able to even try laying on my side...a body pillow greatly helped so I wish I had gotten one BEFORE my surgery.  I ended up getting one and it helped a lot!  It's a tough surgery but recovery is short lived...give yourself time to heal and you'll be fine. I have no lingering effects, once I healed, I was fine.  Also, the incision pain was pretty bad but my doc told me to use lidocaine patches around the incision (not directly on) and it was a game changer.  It really alleviated pain and helped me get around more easily.  

    Good luck with your surgery...you are going to do great!!  And while fear of it returning will probably never go away, we are all there with you.  You just take each scan as it comes!  Every clear scan that I get makes it a little easier!  Like yours, my cancer was confined and the doctors are optimistic that it won't come back.  Nothing is guaranteed but they have come a long, long way with kidney cancer!!

  • stub1969
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    Welcome, Sketcher and Val

    These are scary times for both of you.  Please know we'll be here to support you and help with any questions you have.  Things will start moving along pretty quickly after your lesion is found.  Ask questions and make sure you have a surgeon that you feel comfortable with and has plenty of experience with this type of surgery.  

    Wishing you both the best!


  • eug91
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    Sorry you both had to join us, but this is a great forum here. Most of us have been in your shoes, so we know what you're going through. if you have questions/concerns or just need to vent. 

    Val - my situation was similar to yours. My blood pressure went up a few years before they found my tumor. After my neph, my blood pressure dropped way down. 

    And that fear it comes back is totally normal. A fellow named Fox used to give this advice- "We all fear recurrence. Don't let it be the anchor that sinks your ship. Know that you have dodged a bullet. Smile, love, and live on!!!! Just stay up to date with all your appointments." 

    Good luck with your neph. If a scared clueless shlub like me could get through it, I am CONFIDENT that you will, too. We're with you!  

  • donna_lee
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    My newest message on this board

    Describes some of the stuff I've dealt with.  I was Dx'd at age 64 and am now 78.  It has been a roller coaster ride. Suggestions:

    1-Get valid info.  Don't go for anything that tries to sell you a product.

    2-Ask for 2nd opinions, if you feel you need them.

    3-Enter the "ring" determined to win.

    4-Of course, have your affairs and paperwork in order.

    5-Depend on family or close friends for support.

    6-Don't let pseudo friends try to convince you of miracle teas, going to Mexico, and other quack healing miracles.  PS.  They are ale deceased from their cancers.

    7-Ask questions.

    8-Healing from surgery takes time; At our age, we understand that a bit better than young patients.  

    9-Eat a regular and healthful diet, drink water, and walk will help you heal.

    10-Fight for YOUR life.

    and Good Luck.


  • Mmoses25
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    Well said

    Well said Donna 

  • val11
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    2 days to go...

    I really appreciate all of the comments and support during this very scary time.  I am now 2 days from surgery.  Today is the last day for me to try to get a handle on work, get a Covid test, get my will and health care power of attorney signed and drop the dog off at the sitter.  Some questions for those of you who have been here before....   Today is also the last day before the "bowel prep".  I don't want to make that any harder than it has to be.  Any recommendations for my last real meal?  I have never taken magnesium citrate or any other laxative before.  Have to do that tomorrow.  I have no idea how long the diarrhea will last.  I won't be told the exact time of my surgery until the afternoon of the day before and I live about an hour and a half from the hospital.  I just don't want to have any accidents on the way...  The other question I have is what the general requirements are to be released - urine output?  BM?  pain management?  mobility?  Thanks again to everyone.

  • GiGi5
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    You will do great!

    Hey Val, I hope I can help calm some of your fears, you sound like you are very prepared and ready to have this done!  I would recommend eating light today, I had simple things like small amount of chicken salad--no bread, fruit, eggs, pancakes, etc.  Just stay away from heavy meat/potato or pasta meals.  Tomorrow sounds daunting with a liquid diet, but really my nerves were so high that I had no appetite!  But force yourself to drink some broth, you need the nutrition, and treat yourself to a popsicle or two (be a kid again!).  I got the real fruit juice popsicles.  Really the day will go quicker than you think.  The bowel prep should be fairly easy as long as you follow the diet recommendations.  Honestly, your trips to the bathroom should be done by about bedtime.  You might feel the urge again morning of surgery, but don't worry about accidents, you will have control by then.  As far as post-surgery, you will have a catheter in place and your output will be monitored, they want to make sure kidney function is ok.  You will be asked several times throughout your stay to rate your pain 1-10.  Be honest, they want to ensure your comfort.  The first time I tried to get up and walk I was still a little woozie, all I could do was sit up and "dangle" my legs, there was no walk.  I felt like a failure, but they told me not to worry about it and we would try again.  We did, and I got as far as the room door, and the next morning I got down the hall and back--a little at a time!  Do what you are comfortable with and I can't stress that enough!  As far as a BM, it could take some time due to the bowel prep.  You may only be given instructions to take an OTC stool softener.

    Please do not worry!  They will go over your release instructions with you and your support person.  They will want to make sure you understand your at-home care and are comfortable!  And everyone is different.  My first partial neph six years ago (left side), my hospital stay was 4 days.  I am currently 6 days post partial neph (right side) and was only in one night.

    This board is a wealth of information and inspirational accounts!  Stop in and let us know how you are doing!  Good luck!

  • tgpath1
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    My hospital monitored urine

    My hospital monitored urine (but catheter was removed).  They were not concerned w/ BM at all (except telling me to take stool softeners and Miralax after surgery to prevent constipation).  The requirements I had to meet in order to be released were 1) be able to walk the floor of the hospital 2) tolerate oral meds and 3) no vomitting.   With that, I was released the day after my surgery.  Good luck!!  It will be over before you know it!  

  • eug91
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    good advice above-

    Just to add my experience-

    Don't sweat the magnesium citrate. I was worried about it, too, but it wasn't excessive or uncontrollable. Like GiGi said, by the day of, everything had already been flushed out. 

    If I remember correctly, the requirements for me to be released were to have passed gas at least once (so that my insides were awake and working again), and to be able to walk the floor of the hospital. 

    I wrote about my experience in detail here - https://csn.cancer.org/node/318416 - if it'll help to read someone else's experience. 

    We're with you, val. You're gonna do great. 

  • Zombo
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    Your news

    Sketcher, I saw your post and your situation interested me because my kidney tumors also showed up in old scans.  Try to be pro-active including doing a little online research before your appointment with urologist, such as a few youtube vids I have looked at over the last couple of months explaining things that are out there from urologists and experts.  Don't go overboard with it--just look at a few.   There are various treatment options too, including active survallience.   Another thing I have learned is to not be afraid to get a second opinion on anything, including treatment options.   


  • Zombo
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    Hello, Val.  I am 60 and had

    Hello, Val.  I am 60 and had an open, partial nephrectomy on 9/8/21.   The pathology on my tumor was 4.2 cm upon them measuring it in the lab.   I see your surgery is scheduled for 10/29.   Try to be brave and remember that your surgery is part of YOU now actively engaging that tumor.   Think of it in terms of 'Get 'er done!"  Show up for the surgery and then engage the process.   Don't worry so much about what's gonna happen down the line so to speak.   Just deal with what's in front of you, but be as pro-active as possible at the same time.   So you take care and hang in there, OK?


  • val11
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    Home sweet home!

    Just wanted to let eveybody know that my surgery went fine on Friday and I got to come home Sunday.  I'm sore but so very happy to be through this part of the process and home.  I really appreciate all of the encouragement and support from everyone here.

  • Lynn_65
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    Glad you’re home, Val

    So glad all went well, Val And you are home! Take it easy and listen to your body, but walk around your home as much as possible, it will help with your recovery! 

  • AliceB1950
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    Glad you're through with it!

    Glad you're through with it! Now to start healing, walk, and drink plenty of water.

  • eug91
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    YOU DID IT! Congrats, val - well done! Great job getting through your neph. Take it easy, heal up, and don't forget to stay on top of your follow-ups. 

    Here's to your continued healing!


  • val11
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    Any suggestions for post surgical nausea?

    Almost a week post surgery, pain is getting better every day.  I still have quite a bit of what I would call "nausea".  I haven't had any narcotics for a couple days, only Tylenol, and have had small BMs two days in a row.  I'm not eating a lot but trying to eat a little something every time I get hungry - mostly bland foods and not much for quantity.  Again, I'm so very grateful for the support and advice found here.  Whoever advised bringing a pillow for the ride home from the hospital deserves a gold medal...I don't know if I would have survived without it!

  • GiGi5
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    Glad It's Going Well Val!

    So happy your recovery is going well!  I was on oxycodone four days post-op, then just Tylenol for two days.  When I stopped the oxy, I had miserable nausea for two days, and then really tired for a couple more days.  My husband was very encouraging and said it was just my system clearing that stuff out.  I pretty much got by on tea and toast.  Every day I kept reminding myself that tomorrow I would feel a little better.  Today I am two weeks post-op, and doing better than I thought I would!  My appetite has certainly returned and I may have indulged in a celebratory donut (or two) today!Laughing

    The good news is the worst is behind you, and you are doing awesome!  Keep us updated!