Squeaking lung sounds

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Hello forum,


I am Stage III Head & Neck cancer, Recurrent... I hopped over here onto your forum to ask what types of scenarios can come from Squeaking lung sounds?

In June I was admitted for my 5 th ( Fifth) pneumonia, this one Bilateral with a drug resistant bacteria.  Since then, everyone who listens hears lung crackles, but today in Pulmonary/ critical care Medicine Dept, my doctor heard Squeaking in my left lung.

He immediately sent me for X Rays. This was after 4 pm today...

 I have Bronchiectasis, from the 5 pneumonia and so many surgeries for head & neck cancer. My lungs are not good. Feel free to read my Profile page.  Today's weight: 71.2 pounds.   Permanently feeding tube dependent.  I have a hospital bed in my bedroom, to help with Aspiration problem, but....it happens regardless.

This Squeaking sound today, is a first I have heard of....?