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4 years ago

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September 2017 after a year of surgery, radiation and chemo to resolve initial cancer, I had my 6 month ct and there was 2 small nodules in my left lung. We waited 3 months to see if it would go away.  Stressful 3 months to say the least. Well December came and we did another and, of course, they had grown. My cancer had returned.

Short story... surgery and chemo took over 2018 for me.

So here we are 5 years after the first cancer and 4 years after the second, I have graduated to annual CT scans. I have an appointmen tomorrow with the oncologist and I'm not getting a scan and I'm not doing blood work. I'm just visiting I guess. It's a very scary thought. If I had my way, I would get scanned every 3 months! But I imagine the insurance company doesn't agree.

My purpose for this post is two-fold...

1. I have survived 5 years and want everyone to know that there's always hope. There is survival.


2. My brain will never really believe that I'm cured.

Sending love and strength to you all. I don't get on this board very often anymore but I check on you all when I can. If you are new here, I'm sorry you have to be here but know that this group will support you all the way through.


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I will never utter the word 'cured'. It does not sit well with me.  For others, it is fine, but not for me, personally. 

Congratulations on meeting this four - five year milestone. May you continue to see more than fours. Four fours and four four more fours. 


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God Bless!

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Beautiful xx 

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It helps someone like my dad alot who I share these stories with as he fights his battle . 

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Saw the doctor. Turns out there will be no more bloodwork as the protocol says no. And CEA never registered signs of my cancer. Sometimes with colorectal cancer, CEA is not a good indicator.

Basically just an annual visit and annual CT for now. They would only do more if I showed any symptoms... losing weight, fatigue... vague stuff like that. Although, again, I didn't lost weight but I did feel fatigue and general malaise. And of course by the time I show symptoms, it's usually serious. If it were up to me, I would do bloodwork every 3 months and CT every 6 months but I'm not the doctor.

my oncologist does not have the best bedside manner but he tried to ease my mind. I asked if he thought I was cured and he said well it looks like it. I had to laugh. You are right, Tru. I don't think I should use that word either.

so I'm going to try and live my best life. Going to try and not think too hard on it and get on with it. I hope you all reach this point and we can help each other live.



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As they say, no news is good news.  From my perspective, it sounds like you are doing great.  Congratulations on reaching the five year milestone!

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Congratulations on the milestone of 5 years.  Graduating to a year CT scan was a big relief for me.  You are right, "cured" is never far from your mind.  I'm wishing you the best in the future and continued good news.


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Congrats on logging time after NED. Funny, I recall the reverse fear and hope that after years of 3 month scans, I might finally graduate to a yearly one. I never had any indication that I ''made it'' to a cure, from the doctors, and like you I'll never really believe I'm over anything, I just accept that time has made it less likely and I'm at peace as much as anyone gets to be. I'm happy you're rolling [rowing] along, K and passing the milestones as they come.............................................Dave

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Canadian Sandy
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Congrats and good luck to you Kaz! My five year follow ups have ended for the colon cancer but still have a few left for the kidney cancer I had. I really don't think anyone is cured off cancer. i Just don't trust my cells but am enjoying my health at the moment. I have had 3 different cancers since 2008 and have survived them all. Never give up hope!

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