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Partial or Radical?

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Hello, I am new here.

Six years ago I had a 5cm tumor and had a partial nephrectomy of the left kidney. My doctor said I have 2/3 kidney remaining.  Last week I had a CT scan for another issue, and a 1.7cm mass was discovered in my right kidney, "mid-kidney cortex lateral."  I have searched the internet for information if this would possibly be a partial or radical nephrectomy situation.  With only 2/3 of the left kidney remaining, I am scared.  I can't tell you how afraid I am.

I am waiting on a phone call to schedule an MRI to confirm size and location.   I don't know how long it will be before I will see my doctor to talk about this.  I appreciate any advice from anyone who may have experienced a similar situation.

Thank you.

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This is an issue you will have to discuss with your surgepn. He will  lookl at your age, kidney function ans location of the sudpected tumor among othrt issues. Evtn after making a decision it can change afte rsurgery  begins.

The optimim would be a partial given your prior surgery. Lets hope so.



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Thank you.  I've read your story and you are an inspiration.  Congratulations on your successful journey!

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Bay Area Guy
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If there's concern about surgery, ablation is a possible alternative.  I had a partial for a very small lesion, but my doc and I discussed the pros and cons of both surgery and ablation.  As I had no other mitigating conditions, surgery was the best course for me.  But it's something to discuss.

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There are a lot of variables that go into an answer to your question--including and probably the most important is the skill of the surgeon.  Since your mass is small you have a little time to make sure your surgery is in the hands of an experienced surgeon.  Check their credentials through the hospital website, research articles, or just ask the doctor.  

Keep us updated.  


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Thank you all for your responses, all very good points and much appreciated.  MRI is today.  I am hopeful, still very scared, but hopeful.

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