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Probably not good

Real Tar Heel
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Hate to add the the recent reports of us board members not doing so great. Last weekend, I felt a familiar feeling, that of a slight obstruction in the colon. It was around the site of the last surgery I had. It was enough to interfere with my ability to eat a decent meal, probably many here familiar with that. Could have been nothing but my CEA doubled, up to the level I had before starting chemo. WBC count up similarly.

Likely a sign that chemo has already stopped working? After 3 months?

I reported it all of course but have yet to hear from anyone other than the NP. According to her the onc surgeon wants to schedule a scan. Can't magine it would be anything else other than a recurrence at the OS

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Don't ever apologise for sharing good or bad news.

I am sorry this is worrying news; and while I could tell you to look for the positive, I know that is hard, considering the indication from CEA and pain. 

So, it is a matter of onward and upwards. Step by step, one at a time. We will wait with you for results, and hope that your team are able to come up with a plan that gets you back to the better side. 


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It has been a round of hard news around here, hasn't it? I'm sorry things are leaning towards a recurrance, my mind yells ''enough'' at every hard turn I read, from folks who've all earned positive results, but aren't getting them. Well. ''fair'' and ''earned'' don't really apply here, hope and faith are the things we're left to lean on. I hope both are holding you fast, and in abundance when you need them............................Dave

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