New here & about to meet with a Pulmonary Specialist to discuss my CT Scan results

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I was recently in the ER for a BP issue and during the diagnosis I had a chest xray that showed some issues with my left lung.  They did a CT scan and have found several masses in my lower left lung, the largest is 5.7cm, spiculated lung mass with several lympth nodes enlarged in the surrounding area. The lower portion of my left lung is collapsed and I had no idea.  I am 55 years old and was not taking any meds at all and while I'm overweight (but active) and was a smoker (no more!) was in pretty good health! I had no idea my left lung was pretty much barely functioning! I have been hiking, working, and doing everything without much issue! I am to meet with a Pulmonary Specialist Wednesday and frankly I am very worried!  The stats on Lung Cancer are less than promising, so I'm hoping there is another diagnosis though it doesn't seem to be heading that way. Is it common for there to be like no real symptoms?