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Thanks to all of you for the support

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I was devastated when I had to go to the last line drug, especially after reading about it, and lost that spirit of I will do what it takes and my miracle will be found.

But with the support and kind words, I have in my head that I can handle stivarga, and maybe will be a candidate for a met removal here or there until one day I too see a day where I am NED. I had just accepted from my oncs that my mets could never be removed. So happy that y'all let me know that not all may feel that way, and some feel that small wins are worth it if getting many small wins gets the patient to NED, or a much better state.

I definitely have less wind in my sails than I had before this, but I am getting there.

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Yes, find that surgeon.  It might even be going to Germany.  Whatever it takes to get to NED, hunt for it.

Tom M.
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Abita. you will do it, I know you will. Disappointment with scans. bloodwork. and treatments happen to all of us. All we can do is the best we can do. This is not a curse or a punishment. People just get things and we have to deal with it. I pray for all of us every night. Please stay strong. I know some here don't believe in God but I do. I say this little prayer all the time and it has helped me. "Oh Jesus, I surrender myself to You, take care of everything". I truely believe no matter what He will be there for you.

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So true Tom. It is all in Gods hands. He works through us and those who help us. We are praying for your miracle Abita. 

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you got this. 
wishing you great results from your new regimen. 

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