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Just an Update

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Sorry I've been absent from the board.  I'm dealing with some personal medical issues right now that I've been going through since April.  Just not wanting to discuss it at this time, but I've been seeing one doctor and others since then.  I've got another specialist I'm seeing in September.  Please keep me in your prayers and you are always in mine.  You are all never far from my thoughts and wishing you all well.  Hopefully, I'll be able to come back on the board and be more productive in the near future.

Hugs to you all!  Kim

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I am sorry to hear that you are struggling through some medical issues, and will definitely keep you in my thoughts and prayers. 

You are a rock, here on the forum, and when you are ready to come back, we will be happy. Until then, concentrate on yourself, and get back to full health. 

Cyber hugs!


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Joined: Aug 2021

You are in my thoughts and prayers!  Wishing the best of luck with what you're going through at this difficult time.




Real Tar Heel
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I wish you the best!

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You take care of you, Kim. We'll be here when you check back in.........................................Dave

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I hope you get it all worked out sweet lady!

Tom M.
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Joined: May 2019

Prayers your way Kim. I hope all works out for you. Piece be with you.

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Praying that you overcome the medical issues very soon and you are on the mend....you are alwyas such a great support and your kindness is contagious. Hugs to you!

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Of your self.  I hope your medical issues are soon resolved and in a positive manner. 
all the best,


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Dear Kim,

I wish you well and hope you find the best medical care.  You're in my prayers.

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Prayers are always a difficult request for an atheist like me, but I can provide my best thoughts, hopes and wishes for great results and an optimal life.  You have always been such a kind and thoughful forum member.  I really wish you the best.

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I wish you the best as well... Hope you are all better soon.


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Pam and I are praying for a good outcome for your current situation. You are such a welcoming voice of comfort here. Your comments are thoughtful and wise. Take care of yourself and know that you are supported by this larger family here that you often support so well. 


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