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Upcoming Surger - Possible metastasis? + hysterectomy

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Good morning. Hope everyone is having a great day.


Stage 3 colon at splenic flexure march 2020. Surgically removed, unsuccessful attempt at chemo. Quit halfway through first treatment due to sever congestive heart failure. Accidentally found BRCA2 mutation during testign for Lynch syndrome.


PET scan after healing from that surgery was all clear. In June of 2021, PET scan showed higher than standard SUV at a lymph node in my left arm pit, they expect due to COVID vaccination 3 months prior. However, SUV of 10.1 shows at rectosigmoid junction. Concern for cancer ended up in colonoscopy (clean), rectal MRI (recommended by tumor board for concern cancer is on outside of wall) couldn't visualize because rectum is contacting ovary and transvaginal ultrasound also could not capture this area. Primary oncologist and rectal surgeon are insistent there is like cance ron the outside of my bowel wall. Give previous diagnosis at stage 3 colon cancer (albeti a foot and a half higher than this area) less than 18 months ago with several positive lymph nodes and nerve penteration as well as several tumpr deposits, I expect they could be on to something.


Next month, I have a double surgery. Direct visualization of the area that could end in one of several ways. 1) no sign of any issues, possible false positive due to normal pre-menopausal ovary activity and I receive a full hysterectomy or 2) they find likely malignancy and biopsy to determine origin as well remove my ovaries and determine treatment plan before any other action is taken or 3) it looks terrible in there and who knows what happens.


Anybody have any experience with any of these things? Positive PET scan that couldn't show anything on any scans that ended up being something? If it is that far from previous site of cancer but still technically same organ (colon versus rectum), would it be recurrence or metastasis?

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I am sorry that you have jumped on the Cancer road. It is a long and winding path, with many an obstical, as you well know. 

I can't help you with your query, but I did want to pop in, and say hello. 


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Hi, sorry you have ''joined the club'', but given that, here is pretty good place to be for experience and knowledge. I don't have much to offer of either to your situation other than my false positives PET story, which occured during chemo, after the colectomy. 3 lymph nodes lit up, one in each armpit, and one at the base of the neck. It perplexed the docs and scared me a lot, but came to nothing. A metastasis is generally thought of as another, same neoplasm in a different spot, but even if it's in the same place of origin, it's all considered recurrence, as I understand it. Wishing you the best outcome on that surgery, and some serenity while waiting for the day to arrive......................................Dave

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