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Non operable grade 4 glioblastomas throughout the brain

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New here. Dont really know where to start. My 45 yr old completely healthy husband was diagnosed 2 months ago with a more rare, extensive grade 4 glioblastomas. He started every day higher dose radiation 2 weeks ago. 4 weeks left to go. Then they want to start chemo 4 weeks later. There are many tumors with no option of surgery. We are scared of chemo. I just csnt believe in 20 years time in this day and age, they are still with an average life expectancy of 14-18 months and do the same standard care of radiation and chemo. You get a diagnosis and are sent fending for your own resources of knowledge, support, etc. Literally handed no literature on the topic or even a printed off pieve of paper telling you exact medical diagnosis.

Who has been through this more rare situation as us that can share some experiences, treatments, best US doctors/hospitals, stories, side effects, or any hope.

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