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A daughter trying to do what's right

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I'm new to this network and I'm trying to do what's right and I'm open to advice.  My father died in February of this year and in July my mom (76 yrs) was diagnosed with colorectal cancer.  She's grieving my dad and trying to navigate what the future looks like.  As we wait for treatment to begin, she has lost interest in everything.  I've reached out to counselors (which my mom agreed to) but there is a couple month wait.  She is rarely eating.  When I say rarely, she may get 300 calories a day.  She has gone from 99 lbs to 95 this week.  I encourage her, I  She has stopped bathing and the most movement I get from her is from the couch to the bathroom.  On the rare moments I can get her engaged in a conversation, she gets weak and sleeps again.


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She is severly depressed and just getting up is a major effort. Is there a counselor she can talk to?

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