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Tom M.
Posts: 212
Joined: May 2019

Well now I know why not many responces to my last post. Lonsurf seems to be a crap drug. 

abita's picture
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What did you find? When I was very stressed, a friend researched for me and said that while both are bad, she thinks stivarga is an option better than lonsurf. I do remember someone on this forum who was having good results from lonsurf though. Just can't remember who. This is the drug that is next for me after stivarga.

Tom M.
Posts: 212
Joined: May 2019

The reviews are not very good. 

Tueffel's picture
Posts: 310
Joined: Feb 2020

I just did a quick research. Apparently, a remission is rarely archieved which is something I dont like. But I did read a patient report from a patient on remission on it as after care after surgery. 

Lonsurf is tge only available drug in the EU. Stivarga was too dangerous for the medical admission agency so it was withdrawn. 

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posted about being on Lonsurf, if I remember orrectly it worked for a year or a bit more for him   
Maybe you can search out his posts?


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I need to send him a hello. It has been a while since we have heard from him. 


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