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First Jemperli (dostarlimab) infusion today

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Mixed bag today when I went to a local satellite clinic for Huntsman for my 3d Keytruda infusion. Nurse told me they had the new drug and were going to give it to me as soon as I signed the acknowledgement form. Good news there although I hadn't had any really negative side effects from Keytruda the Jemperli was approved specifically for advanced endometrial cancer that was MSS or MSI. It attacks the same PD-1 checkpoint inhibitors that Keytruda does. So far so good.

I did discuss the chest/ rib cage tightness and pain with deep breaths and increased productive coughing. I guess that triggered warning bells and I got sent off for an X-ray, which ultimately ruled out pneumonitis. The radiologist did note an "interval increase in the number and size of pulmonary nodules". At least they are still nodules! I had to look up "interval increase" and all it means is an increase in number and size from the last scan which was a little over two months ago. This was not unexpected but still dashed any hopes for a miracle reduction! 

Some of my CBC and CMP numbers as well as lactate dehydraphase(something like that) numbers went in the wring direction from three weeks ago--specifically kidney functioning. Who knows, maybe the ureteral stent is out of position. It certainly is annoying and painful when I walk or ride my bike or move around much, causing a lot of blood in my urine. So I have an ultrasound this week to check it out.

Best news is I got started on Jemperli today so will keep everyone updated on the results!



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Thanks for the update Deb. I hope this new treatment is easy on your body. Sorry to hear about your stent pain. It sure seems like they should be able to fix that so you can continue your exercise. Please let us knnow what they find out with the scan.

Love and Hugs,


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I hope the Jemperli does damage to those cells!  The new medications are full of hope for better treatment.   I hope it doesn't have side effects for you.  Thanks for checking in.  Caring about the women on this board just increases and it's nice to hear how you are doing.

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Sure hope that the new treatments will mean positive results for you. Sending good thoughts your way! :-)

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