Any Hope for a Partial Nephrectomy?

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I am new on this forum and would be grateful for any guidance.

I had a 3.1 cm tumor discovered on my right kidney during a CT scan for an unrelated issue. My surgeon informed me that he would attempt a partial nephrectomy to preserve right kidney function, however, there is a strong chance that it would not be successful because of the location of the tumor (in the middle of the kidney) and because of how it is attached. He told me that he has performed complicated nephrectomies before but that I should also be aware that a radical nephrectomy would be performed if he is unable to do a partial during the surgery. 

Has anyone been in this situation before? Were you able to get a partial nephrectomy performed?

I had high hopes that I would be a good candidate for a partial nephrectomy because of the size of my tumor so finding out that this may not be the case has really made me somewhat depressed. The surgeon also told me that ablation could have been an option but he doesn't recommend it for the same reason why a partial nephrectomy may not be possible.


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    In my day

    In 2002 they were not doing partials.    It was all or nothing. Unless you have other Kidney function issues, you should be fine.







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    please do not choose the ablation. First of all, it has a bit higher (only slightly, but still) recurrence rate. Second - you won't be able to get a pathology report (cancer subtype, agressivenes grade). Third, after resection you can check whetver "they got it all"- meaning are margins clear or not.


    Ablation is OK for very small tumors and for people who wouldn't be able to tolerate surgery well. 

    Choose resection, partial or full. Perhaps get a second opinion


    Good luck,


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    Thank You

    Thank you very much for the positive comments.

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    Partial nephrectomy

    I had a partial done mine was in the middle I had a open surgery my tumor was 4.1 cm it was hard but my surgeon did it good luck

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    Mine is about the same size 3

    Mine is about the same size 3.4 cm before surgery, it's close to the hilum as well. He mentioned that there is a 30% chance that he would need to convert it to radical but that is just for the sake of getting consent from you as there is no way to wake you up for permission during the surgery.

    My surgeon told me the "so-called" possibility is just statistics, I was as concerned as you are and it is normal to feel that way.

    hope this helps, all the best!

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    Hope it all goes well.

    Best wishes for succesful surgery and full recovery.

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    Thank You Once Again

    Thank you to everyone yet again for leaving optimistic comments and sharing experiences. This is very helpful. I also wish all of you very well.

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    Hi, almost year i go i had

    Hi, almost year i go i had partial on my left kidney,tumor was 4 cm.No complications next day disharged from hospital.Now 1.5 years doing good,and hope many years moreCool

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    Had partial Feb 2020

    Hi, sorry you had to join, but this forum has been so helpful to me. Hope it is the same for you.

    I had a smaller tumor, but mine was very close to the renal artery/vein and before surgery I was told I may have to have open surgery and may lose my whole kidney.  I awoke to the recovery room nurse telling another nurse I had 5 small incisions! I was able to have a robotic partial nephrectomy, losing only 20 percent of my left kidney.
    Think they want you to be prepared for the worst, but hope for the best.

    I agree with the definitely want them to get it all and have a good pathology report!

    Sending you hugs and praying for you!


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    Had partial April 2015

     Mine was 2.5 open surgery , don't wait get out

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    Very Grateful

    Thanks for the comments and good wishes! I also really appreciate the personal experiences, they are very helpful in reducing some of the stress.

    I had my renal ultrasound last week, as ordered by the surgeon. It confirmed pretty much all that was in the initial CT report. The next step will be having the surgery scheduled which should happen after I have my heart cleared in a few weeks (cardiac stress test).