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supplements/hyaluronic acid

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I havent been on here for quite a while. I am 2 years and 4 months from my last chemo and I am doing fine, except for arthritis in my hips and fibromyalgia which has been worse ever since chemo. My question is: I want to take a supplement for my hips that has hyaluronic acid in it, which is supposed to be very helpful, but I have read that hyaluronic acid can sometimes help cancer cells to grow. Does anyone on here know aboout this? Right now I am cancer free but since what I did have was clear cell, I dont want to take chances.

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Just a few articles that support your caution:




Have you been to an orthopedist to see what condition your hips are in yet? It would be a waste of money if you have arthritic changes past what any supplement would help with.

When I first complained about my right hip to my PCP, he said to try glucosamine, but after doing a lot of research about it, I opted to go with Type II collagen (UC-II) because it's more likely to be effective than glucosamine and didn't have the side effect risks I didn't like. I've been taking it for almost a year, but it was too late for my right hip which is getting replaced next month. I don't know what state my other joints are in, but they haven't been causing me disabaling problems like my hip has.

Hyaluronic acid is supposed to enhance collagen uptake, but I don't take that given my Ca history. Good on you for looking into this before starting to take it. It's always safer to take isolated supplements rather than multi-component formulations containing supplements you don't want or need.

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I started having problems with my right hip in my late 50's.  Initially, the orthopedist thought I had stress fractures in addition to arthritis so I spent a lot of time on crutches.  I would feel better for a while after getting off the crutches, only to have the pain recur again at some point.  I tried physical therapy twice, chiropractic, and was thinking about giving acupuncture a shot.  By this time, I was 64 and was limping and picking up my leg to get into and out of the car.  Finally, I went to an orthopedist recommended by a surgeon who I knew who had his hip replaced.  The orthopedist told me after looking at all the prior MRIs that he didn't think I ever had a stress fracture, only a stress reaction to severe arthritis.  In any event, I had him do an anterior hip replacement.  I couldn't believe how simple the surgery was (at least for me), how effortless the recovery was, how minimal the PT was, and how quickly I was back doing all my aerobics classes and other physical activities.

I kicked myself (using my new hip) for not having the surgery years sooner.  I've had dental surgery that left me out of commission for a lot longer that my hip replacement.  I made sure to have the anterior procedure, because the healing is so quick and there were virtually no post-surgical restrictions. 

I'm not a risk taker, but I would not take any supplement that even hinted at a potential risk for causing the growth of cancer cells. 

Wishing you all the best!

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Wow Moekay! I am 64 and just had my right hip replaced 3 weeks ago. I also had the same anterior procedure. While I'm doing great, I can't say that it is an effortless recovery. According to my surgeon, I'm way ahead of the normal but it has taken a lot of work. The first 8 days were the hardest for me. And, my progression of healing has been quite remarkable. I haven't taken hard drugs since the 2nd day. I used Tylenol and loads of ice packs. I went from the walker to a cane right after the first week and have been walking about half the time now without the cane. It is critical to get up and walk a little bit every hour.  I only had two restrictions - no lifting anything and no bending at the waist more than 90 degrees. 

Ribbons, I second the suggestion to see if it is time for you to get your hip replaced. I highly recommend it. I have less pain right now (while still healing) than I did with my old hip.

Good luck in whatever path you choose. I hope you find pain relief quickly!

Love and Hugs,



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