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Had My Robotic Surgery Thursday But I Am Very Grumpy At Home Today (Saturday)

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Just a quick note to say hi and update.  I was able to have the robotic surgery and that went well and the doctor did not have to remove anything more than planned - uterus, cervix, tubes, ovaries and sentinel nodes.  My surgery was a little after 7am and I was in my room by 1:30.  I had a great nurse and aide when I got to the room which unfortunately did not follow the next 2 shifts.  I was somewhat disappointed that my doctor did not come talk to me after my surgery.  She did talk to my husband and he wanted to record her but she wouldn't let him and he didn't ask her things I would have and hours later when I was awake and aware he had forgotten most of it.  One of her assistants came to see me later in the day and answered some of my questions.  Thankfully my doctor did show up Friday morning and said that everything went well and she did not see anything more than expected but of course we have to wait on all the pathology.  She did mention radiation regardless of stage since my mass was high grade - grade 3 and I believe this is her protocol so I have a feeling  I will be getting additional opinions.  It's similar to her mandate about lovanox in injections for 30 days even though I had an eye condition that contraindicates blood thinners.  They even send an opthamologist to talk to me yesterday who admitted that 50% of patients may get retinal bleeds.  I forget her exact words but something about the literature says this is what should be done.  I guess because I am 68 and maybe overweight and it's abdominal surgery but what I have found most says 7-10 days.  I just don;t know if I can do these shots for a month.  I was not so bad Thursday.  I was starving and ate dinner and my husband stayed with me overnight.  Then the barrage of all night interruptions caused little sleep and the new dayshift nurse and aide were not very helpful and would come in and say they'd be in 5 minutes and instead return hours later.  I as out of bed and walking a few hours after I got to my room on Thursday actually 3 different times around the hall before I went to bed and sat in chair from 330-11 - and ssaw plenty of nurses and aides around so it didn;t seem to be a staffing issues.  My doctor did come in to see me early on Friday and said I could go home after the catheter was out and I urinated a certain amount but the nurse didnl;t do that for hours. My discharge papers were ready at 2 but the nurse didn;t come in to give them to me and call for a wheelchair until 5 so we were both pretty upset.  The discharge paperwork was terrible and very generic.  It's very hard to follow them and no information about a binder, what type of undergarments to wear, nothing about laxatives, nothing about gas - the pains in my shoulders are excruciating, etc.  I have gas x at home which I started taking and I have colace and senna but not sure how often I should be taking them.  I got oxycodone but it really didn;'t help anymore than tylenol so sticking to that.  It was a long day yesterday by the time we got home.  I slept in a recliner in a spare bedroom last night soundly from midnight-6.  Got up to pee. i took my tylenol, walked around, took my thyroid pill, ordered groceries to be delivered and let my husband sleep until he woke up at 8:30.  He gave me an injection in my thigh and it hurt more than the nurse but I guess not so bad for the first try.  We had breakfast and I told him to go to his ceramics class and I got into bed and slept for a few hours.  I have been getting up at least once an hour to walk around but was very restless this afternoon.  We just finished dinner and I guess I will take my tylenol and get back in the recliner and have some tea while he watches basketball.  I just feel sore and uncomfortable from neck to thigh and keep getting pains in my lower back and stomach. I bought a boner on amazon but I'm not sure I am wearing it right.  In the pictures it looks like it should be around your waist.  I did not do reconstruction after my bilateral mastectomy so I am flat and with the bloat in my abdomen it seems to ride up when I sit or lay down.  I know now that I have the surgery behind me. I am super anxious about the biopsy results and not really sure best way to heal myself.  I Am urinating ok with a slight burn and am sure I will feel better after I go number 2.  I am not passing that much gas though and not sure when that will happen.  I wonder if I need something stronger than the senna.  Would appreciate any suggestions.  And I am the person with vision issues so please excuse all my typo's.  Hope this grumpiness goes away soon.  I am looking forwrad to a shower tomorrow.  Thank you all.  

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Kathy G.
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Hi Woodstock!


Sounds like you got the first big hurdle behind you now despite feeling grumpy! I think anyone who undergoes major surgery is entitled to feel that way...especially  the older we get. Most of us are not at our peak health wise and have other issues that make things more difficult.


I am almost always frustrated with hospitals...whether for myself or my husband or other relatives. Your care really does seem driven by the nurses...not your PCP or specialist. There have been times when the care has been over and above & others when I feel like it's a bad restaurant or hotel.


I had bladder spasms for a week after my surgery. I was told this can happen from the surgeon accidentally coming in contact with the bladder because it is so close. And I use Miralax to keep things moving as no one wants to get backed up while recovering.


Focus on pampering yourself with naps and other things you enjoy until you move to the next step in your journey. I am sure you're husband is relieved you are home and the surgery is behind you...and doesn't  mind the grumpy!


I have afib and am on warfarin. Anytime I've had surgery I usually have to do the lovenox for about 10 days...then I go back on the warfarin. My husband gives me the shots in my belly and they dont bother me. Hopefully yours will get easier as you go along.


Best wishes for an uneventful and smooth recovery.



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woodstock, thank you for checking in!  I agree on Kathy's take.  Glad you are home, moving around, taking care of yourself.  My gyn onc checked in with family and friends after the surgery and I saw another gyn onc from the practice late in the afternoon.  That was probably good for me since I was so out of it from from surgery.  

Keep us posted!

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After my robotic surgery in 2014, my dr told me I didn't need a binder, that he only recommends those for more invasive surgeries. I had gas that finally subsided after about 5 days. I did my deep breathing and walking as recommended but it still took that long.  I looked like the michelin tire man, I was that bloated. Pain meds did not work for the gas pains and gasX didn't seem to work for me.  I too, slept in a recliner for a few nights. I was also cranky until the gas was gone. 

I have subsequently had two abdominal resections and have worn a binder for those.  I didn't have trouble with it but I didn't have the gas issues with those surgeries.


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Thanks all.  Miracle! I did go pitty today - not much - but a start - although the gas is still bad.  Still grumpy and overall ouyt of sorts but I guess to be expected. I also found out about issues with foods that contain Vitamin K that are to be avoided while doing the Lovenox injections wgihc are a lot of the leafy green vegiies, berries, green tea, etc that re importanty for my vision issues.  Even avoid cranberry juice which I thought might speed up the slight bkladder sting.  Oh well.  I definitely need to get out of my head and breathe.  I know each day will get a drop better.  Appreciate all your kind words and advise.  

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I was told (and the Lovenox instructions said) to give the shots in the stomach. That's what I did, altering the side and spot every day. So you may want to doublecheck the recommended injection site.

I didn't wear a binder after surgery (I didn't even know about it) but I really only had a problem getting out of bed. I live alone, and until I watched a YouTube video, I felt like I was straining the incision sites.

I don't recall having a particular problem with gas, so I never took anything for that. I took the pain killers for the first day or two, but I didn't really need them after that.

I was told that there were no food restrictions while taking Lovenox. The drugs.com site doesn't list any interactions between Lovenox and Vitamin K.


Perhaps it's due to one of your other medications?

Hopefully you'll continue to feel better each day now.

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The best way to get things moving is to walk as much as you can tolerate.  It helps you to get things moving.  Start slow.  Also, they usually prescribe a stool softener to take for the first week or so.   Stay on top of it and always call the doctors with any questions.  All questions are important and don't let anyone think your questions and/or concerns are not important.  Everyone reacts differently to surgery so any concerns you have are important.   

Also, give yourself time to heal.  Just because you may feel good doesn't mean you need to move mountains.   Take it easy.

My best to you and a speedy recovery!


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Hi woodstock, I'm glad to hear that everything went well with your surgery.  Even though my surgery was in 1999, I do remember those gas pains when I got home from the hospital.  I recall trying to eat and the pains would be really bad, so I would walk around in circles in my house, which would make me feel a little better.  I think the gas issue lasted a few days, but it was a long few days! 

They had no robotic surgery back when I was diagnosed, so I had open surgery and was in the hospital for 5 days.  I was so sick that I wasn't able to get out of bed until the 5th day of my hospitalization. Up until then I was vomiting up bile, because I couldn't hold anything down.  I think I had problems from the anesthesia.  Then I started itching all over my body which my gynecologic oncologist attributed to a likely multiple drug reaction.  Once I got home, all the skin on my body started peeling off.  But I was only miserable for a week or so and then all symptoms subsided.  Based on the above report on your surgery and quick recovery, it sure sounds like things have come a long way since my surgery.

Wishing you a full and speedy recovery!!


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Thanks all.  Doing better each day I have shiwered and popped!  Big milestones! I am walking about 3,000 steps a day around my house and will build up.  I am mot sleeping well - wake up every 3 hours but napping in the day.  Less pain more discomfort.  Eatimg well.  Was pretty shocked my gyno onco or anyone from her office did not call me since I was discharged from the hospital on Friday to check in on me.  I am fairly certain I will be seeking second opinion once I get my results.  My dentist calles the next day to see how I am doing.  

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I'm so glad everything went well and you're getting a little better!

I had my first surgery early morning and was home by 3:00pm. My GYN was so sure I didn't have cancer he was in and out in about 45 minutes (robotic/laparoscopic). Long story...but it was 3 1/2 weeks before he gave us the full/ true story. Saw GYN ONC and had second surgery for staging seven weeks later. So my timeline was July 27 with appointment with GYN to November 19th first chemo infusion.

After hysterectomy I was pretty good, pretty fast. It was kind of weird....I 1) felt there was a notably empty space in my pelvis, and 2) that everything was kind of giggling around. I was not sent home with a binder, so like you, I ordered one. The binder really helped! And I wore it for weeks , especially when traveling in the car to keep everything from bouncing around!

All the ladies here gave me same advice....the waiting is really hard, so try not to overthink your future and take care of yourself!

I hope you continue to get better!

😎, Alicia

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I wore a snug, cotton tank top and then the binder over it. It protected my skin and might have helped keep it in place. Mine was 12 inches. I thought it also kind of help get my stomach muscles back in shape!

And as to that giggling I was feeling? Most of us don't think of the uterus taking up much space (it doesn't!), but it acts like a nice cushion for the surrounding organs. When it's gone, they can kind of bump together in a way they couldn't before. 

Hope everyday is better for you, Woodstock!

😎, A

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I hadn't read about binders and didn't even know what kind of surgery I would have until I was in pre-op. I think it was the mad dash getting me scheduled that led to that gap. My surgeon was surprised that they put me in a large--I'm 5'2" and weighed 124 at the time. I took the binder off on morning of day 3 because it was chafing under my arms. But I appreciated that they gave me one--I had a radical abdominal hysterectomy with lots of exploratory removals--I even learned about the existence of the one gum--after I didn't have it any more! Luckily I only had to take Eliquis for 30 days and took hydro morphine (Dilaudid) as needed. Senna tablets and occasional Miralax kept constipation problems at bay.

Hang in there! Make sure you get some PT referrals or at least one session for exercises to get your pelvic floor strengthened!



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Thnaks Deb.  At what point after surgery do you have to start doing these?  My doctor never mentioned and I want to be proactive and start looking for a doctor or therapist?  

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