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Newbie Update - Pre-Surgery Scans Were Clear!

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As I mentioned, I am newly diagnosed and will be having my hysterectomy this Thursday June 10th but my gyno ocno sent me for cat scans from neck to pelvis a week ago Friday.  This is her protocol to see the whole picture before rather than after.  I had them done late Friday but I wnated her to call me with the results but she went away for a week and was not back until Thursday and I did not peek at the results in my chart.  I also did the CA125 blood test. 

She called and gave me the great news late Thursday that all the scans were clear and that the blood test was in normal range.  This was a big relief to know before surgery and while I am still frightneed I feel like I am going into surgery stronger mentally, physiaclly, emotionally and spiritually. 

Had all my pre-op tesst and labs done.  All good.  Need to get another covid test Monday. 

Spending this weekend getting things ready for when I get home from surgery. 

Going out for a nice dinner tonight with my husband and another couple and plan to cheat and have one martini and dessert. 

Also going to set up a Caring Bridge page and as I am also a breast cancer survivor and plan to be an endometrial cancer survivor will celebrate along with all of you for National Cancer Survivors Day tomorrow.

Will check in beforre Thursday and hope to post as soon as I can afterwards. 

Thank you all for your guidance and support and please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.    

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Wonderful news Woodstock99! Enjoy your dinner. You are going into this with the best outlook possible.

Looking forward to hearing from you after your surgery.

Love and Hugs,


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Great to hear.  This time is so difficult!   But this is what you want to hear.   May your good news continue.

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Great news!

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