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OncLive Peer Exchange videos

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Series of videos from OncLive Peer Exchange if anyone is interested.  Hopefully it is a good set up for the click and access in a new windowl


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Posts: 2911
Joined: Mar 2013

I just saw a newspaper story and wanted to find a link to a story.  Hopefully this can be expanded for all cancers. 


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Getting closer! Thanks for sharing NoTime. I'm still hopeful we will see actual cures in our lifetime.

Love and Hugs,


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Such a great resource! Thank you for sharing, NoTime. Will have to spend some time this weekend to view the videos. I share your hope of a cure in our lifetime, Cindi. 

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NTFC! I appreciate you posting! ❤️, Alicia

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Thank you - this was very interesting to read and to have in my back pocket. 

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