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Hello to everyone

I think it was on this forum that I read not too long ago about an expert doctor who gives a second opinion consultation by sending him one's records without having to make a personal visit to his clinic. Does anyone here know about this and can repost the information?

Thank you very much and best of health to each and every one of you


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I am a frequent member of this prostate cancer forum since 2010 and saw along the years posts from a fewer number of members commenting to be doctors. However I never saw them inviting other members to  online consultations.

I  recall one post from one of those members regarding erection dysfunction where he provided the internet address of a clinic. His name used the title letters of Dr and the avatar was a picture of a young man in white gown.

Unfortunately this forum's search engine isn't friendly enough to shorten the list of posts or threads from a certain members,  that would  allow to find submitted conversations. 

I surely posted something in that thread.



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Thanks, but it wasn't a doctor offering his own services, but one of the members here referring to a certain doctor.

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As I understand JohnHopkins gives remote surgical second opinions. 

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