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6.4 years

Max Former Hodgkins Stage 3's picture
Max Former Hodg...
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I had my annual PSA check today, nearly six and a half years following RP (DaVinci).   'Undetectable.'    I went into surgery told that it was Stage I disease, but the gland pathology showed Stage II, as well as 'chronically inflammed tissue.'    I believe I had prostatitis for 30 years, and the surgeon said that it was wholly possible.  Most prostatitis cases are neither bacterial or viral in causation, such that antibiotics are useless against them.  My urinary control today is better than before surgery, and intimate abilities are 90% or thereabout.

Just an update -- a common practice here among the guys for many years.   I know that I am luckier than many, and give thanks for wellness.    But I do hope that my path is encouraging fon new members figuring out what to do, or what their future holds.

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Great to hear your good news. I have only on this Journey for a short time but you and many others have been immensely helpful.  


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Congratulations for the continued remission.  6 years of undetectable PSA is super. Your initial diagnosis was for low risk so there is a high probability that the prostatectomy had free you from the bandit for good. Improvements from the side effects will be harder to achieve but you have adapted well to your newer you. Time to enjoy the moments in the company of your new grandchild. 



Posts: 35
Joined: Feb 2021

It is good to hear some positive stories.   Congrats on your good news.

Old Salt
Posts: 808
Joined: Aug 2014

for your contributions to this forum.

Now, have a drink (on me).

Allternatively, a bottle for the baby.

Max Former Hodgkins Stage 3's picture
Max Former Hodg...
Posts: 3662
Joined: May 2012

Popping a Modelo now, in honor of Old Salt.

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Posts: 294
Joined: Feb 2018

Great news.  Always glad to hear success stories.  Best of luck to you on your journey.

Posts: 692
Joined: Jun 2015

Great news Max, hope for many more undetectables.  You have been a valuable contributor over the years and you look like you are enjoying your grandchild.

Dave 3+4

Posts: 109
Joined: Jun 2017

Congratulations!  I do not drink so it will be a Diet Coke in your honor.  Thanks for the update.



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Joined: Jun 2016

Congratulations Max on your undetec PSA for over 6 years.

Having 90% of function returned, you are very lucky indeed.

Hope for many good years to come.


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Congratulations, Max!

I will toast your great news this evening.

I wish you continued nondetectible results on your PCa journey.

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Glad to hear it. And God bless. And thanks for the encouragement that you have given all of us.

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