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Follow up doctor visits

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After diagnosis and treatment how often did you see your oncologist?

 If in a partial remission for awhile (9 years) what do your visits consist of?

Blood work,scans, exams?


Just curious what others have experienced.

My oncologist has not done one scan in the 3 years i've known him, does a cbc but this time wants no blood work!

I moved to a new state 3 years ago so he is new to me and does everything differently than my previous oncologists.

I have terrible fatigue and lots of gerd.

Had an endoscope last year and gastro increased medicine but still have bad heartburn.

Have you ever asked your oncologist for bloodwork or a scan?


I'm not feeling comfortable with his style.

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I am just 4 years out from finishing DA-R-EPOCH for aggressive DLBCL.  My last PET scan was Sept, 2018 (~the 1.5 year mark).  Since then, I have blood work every 3 months, see my PA once a year and my hem-oncologist once a year.  Those 2 visits are staggered so that I see one of them every 6 months in conjunction with a blood draw. The blood work includes a CBC and full chemistry panel supplemented with LDH, and a few other things (potassium?)

Whether we continue on this schedule forever, I do not know.

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